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For education abroad professionals who are looking to increase their knowledge of the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad, our Forum Workshops are an excellent way to learn how to use the standards in real-world situations and share best practices with colleagues in the field.

More about the Workshops

  • Workshops are typically four hours long, allowing you to experience an in-depth focus exploration of a specific area of the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad.
  • Led by experienced Forum Trained Facilitators, workshops are designed to be highly interactive and participatory, timely and informative, providing you with current best practices that can be implemented in your workplace.
  • Workshops may also serve as part of the Professional Certification in Education Abroad Program and the Forum Credentials.

Why You Should Attend a Forum Workshop

While The Forum also offers webinars, Open Forums, and more, Forum Workshops will give you a deep dive into the Standards that other learning opportunities cannot.

As a reminder, you can use The Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad as a tool to:

  • guide program development,
  • evaluate program quality,
  • advocate for resources and support,
  • train new professionals,
  • educate stakeholders such as parents, faculty, students, etc.,
  • establish and maintain respectful, sustainable relationships between partners.

You will leave Forum Workshops better prepared to implement an education abroad program that conform to the Standards.

2022 – 2023 Workshop Schedule

This list will be updated throughout the year with new workshops additions. Please subscribe to The Forum News (enter email in the green box aside) and check this site regularly for the most recent workshop schedule.

Registration fees are listed on each workshop page. View The Forum’s cancellation and refund policy.

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* Indicates the workshop is part of the Professional Certification Curriculum

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