Strategic Plan 2021-2027

Preamble: Building Our Future

The Forum hired Your Crescendo to help navigate the strategic planning process. Led by founder and managing partner Reggie Hammond, Your Crescendo proved to have the perfect methodology for helping us map out a plan for The Forum’s future.

After reviewing stakeholder input and having several discussions, Reggie helped our committee through a process to develop focus areas that will guide The Forum over the next 7 years. Your Crescendo calls these our “Think Big” ideas.

Once those priorities were identified, the committee worked in subgroups to break each idea into smaller activities. Those “Start Small” activities will guide The Forum’s efforts during the first one to two years and as our momentum grows, we’ll take additional action to magnify our impact.

The committee also discussed how we will measure progress, what we have to do differently and what strategic priorities are required. Your Crescendo calls those “Headline Indicators”, and they’re the data points which will help us to critically evaluate our efforts.

All these steps combine to form a “strategic articulation” which loosely fit into four broad categories, with 12 strategic priorities:

  • Build Thought Leadership
    • International Expert
    • Widely Cited Research
  • Grow Membership
    • Inclusive Membership
    • Member Engagement
    • Member Impact & Outcomes
  • Grow Operations
    • Mission-Aligned Partnerships
    • Must-Have Training & Programs
    • Diversify Funding
  • Impact Academia
    • Expand to Secondary Education
    • Global Citizens
    • Reimagine Education Abroad
    • Education Abroad in Academia

Strategic Articulation


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