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About the series

Global learning is an integrative form of learning. It intersects with many learning outcomes central to various fields of study; however, recognizing the intersections between global learning and other domains is always intuitive to learners. Educators play a critical role in making these interconnections visible, relevant and reachable.

This webinar series brings together faculty program directors, program staff, administrators and scholars to discuss their ongoing efforts to make global learning outcomes an integrative part of the essential learning that students need within their programs of study. Throughout the series, presenters and participants will dig into instructional design approaches, curricular frameworks, activities and assessment strategies they are using to enhance global learning outcomes in local and global contexts.  

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Series Goals

This series brings together faculty program directors, program staff, administrators and scholars:  

  • To share evidenced-based instructional design, curricular frameworks and assessment strategies that educators can use to enhance outcomes and participation in education abroad; 
  • To foster a community of inquiry among professionals, practitioner-scholars and researchers that animates experimentation in teaching and learning; 
  • To surface resources and tools that support instructors, departments and campuses across fields of study to strengthen the quality of advising, instruction and feedback in education abroad programs; 
  • To minimize distinctions between academic and global learning in local and global contexts.

Target Audiences

Faculty program leaders, instructional staff, onsite directors, academic department heads and others working with faculty and academic units to strengthen curriculum integration of global learning in local and global contexts.    

Upcoming webinars

Check back soon.  We are working on the 23-24 calendar for GLxD.

Past Webinars & Recordings