Mission, Vision & Foundational Principles

Mission Statement

The Forum on Education Abroad cultivates educators who champion high-quality education abroad experiences that ignite curiosity, impact lives, and contribute to a better world.


The Forum envisions a future in which education abroad is integral to the mission of higher education, meets Standards of Good Practice, and is accessible to all students.

Foundational Principles

We, The Forum, believe that:

  • Through education abroad, students of every background benefit from their experiences with other peoples, cultures, and countries, in ways not available on their home campus. Together these experiences advance students’ personal, academic, and professional growth. In return, host communities and home institutions benefit from students participating in education abroad.
  • Widely-accepted standards, sustained by best practices and implemented by well-informed professionals, are critical to education abroad as a field of professional practice. The Forum’s Standards must remain adaptable to the unique mission and operational model of each institution or organization engaged in education abroad.
  • The Forum, as a leading source of intellectual inquiry and innovative research in education abroad, depends on the knowledge, experience and voices of all education abroad stakeholders and on collaboration with professions outside the field.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement

We are committed to advancing equity, diversity and inclusion and eliminating structural racism and inequities within the organization, the field of education abroad, and our communities.

Core Beliefs:

  • We believe that equity, diversity, and inclusion should be embedded within the structure of the organization and integral to the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad.
  • We believe that the inclusion and celebration of each individual’s intersecting identities, experiences, and abilities enriches our organization and our work with members, professionals, and students.
  • We believe that education abroad can be a tool for cultivating anti-racist and decolonial thought in students and stakeholders.
  • We believe in creating safe spaces and brave spaces for belonging, communication, sharing and learning.
  • We believe we have the responsibility to actively inform and engage the field of education abroad in a way that fosters inclusion, promotes equity, and combats structural racism systemically and sustainably.

How We Manifest This:

By engaging in dialogue, collaboration, sharing best practices, research and innovation, and professional development, The Forum strives to address and provide critical resources and a forum for discussion for the field of education abroad, with particular consideration of groups who have been historically excluded or marginalized impacting access to education abroad.