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The Forum on Education Abroad’s publications represent the collective work of the many scholars and practitioner-scholars who conduct research and write, edit, and peer review scholarly outputs, including books, edited volumes, and academic journals. By supporting scholarship, we support exploration, innovation, and evidence-based practice to advance our collective efforts as education abroad practitioners and international educators.

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Book cover image featuring an abstract design in shades of orange, pink and purple. A House Where All Belong: Redesigning Education Abroad for Inclusive Excellence, Edited by Nick Gozik and Heather Barclay Hamir

A House Where All Belong: Redesigning Education Abroad for Inclusive Excellence»

Edited by Nick J. Gozik & Heather Barclay Hamir
This book brings together a diverse group of scholars and practitioners to answer the question: How can we integrate inclusive practices to expand the outcomes and benefits of education abroad for all students, with the goal of achieving inclusive excellence?

Book cover image featuring abstract designs in shades of yellow and green. The Half Yet To Be Told: Study Abroad and HBCUs, edited by Andre P. Stevenson and Heather Barclay Hamir.

The Half Yet to Be Told: Study Abroad and HBCUs»

Edited by Andre P. Stevenson & Keshia N. Abraham
This edited book highlights the extraordinary and innovative contributions of HBCUs to education abroad as a whole, with special emphasis on historical perspectives of global education, opportunities for global engagement, stories from faculty, staff, and alumni and how study abroad fosters a sense of belonging in the world.

Book cover image of abstract shapes in shades of blues and grays. Voices from the Field: Decolonial Perspectives in International Education, edited by Andrea Rizzotti and Hector M. Cruz-Feliciano with Sophia Pekowsky, Editorial Assistant.

Voices from the South: Decolonial Perspectives in International Education»

Edited by Andrea Rizzotti & Héctor M. Cruz-Feliciano
This book passes the microphone to colleagues based in the Global South to reverse the replication of imperialist and colonial patterns in Global North-to-Global South student mobility. Their experiences and scholarship offer a rich, nuanced, and very current perspective on the challenges colonial attitudes and behaviors present to the field of education abroad and it’s future.

Book cover image featuring abstract images in shades of green. Sustainable Education Abroad: Striving for Change, edited by Karen McBride and Pii-Tuulia Nikula.

Sustainable Education Abroad: Striving for Change»

Edited by Karen McBride & Pii-Tuulia Nikula 
Conveying both urgency, as well as a sense of hope and opportunity, this volume will help the field of education abroad familiarize stakeholders with the sustainability challenges we face as a field and take the necessary steps forward to do better.

Frontiers globe logo on a purple background with text in green and white: Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad, Dr. Elaine Meyer-Lee, Editor

Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad»

Editor: Dr. Elaine Meyer-Lee, Goucher College
An open-access, peer-reviewed academic journal that communicates the latest research on education abroad within a multi-disciplinary forum to reflect on critical issues and concerns for academics and professional practitioners.


A History of US Study Abroad: Beginnings to 1965»

William W. Hoffa
A special publication of the Forum in partnership with Frontiers journal, this work examines the evolution of the field of education abroad, bringing greater meaning to the field through its documentation of its past. | ISBN 978-1-952376-11-5


A History of US Study Abroad: 1965-Present»

Edited by Stephen C. DePaul & William W. Hoffa
Published through a special agreement with Frontiers journal, Forum members received a copy of this Frontiers publication upon its release. This volume explores the complex and often intersecting topic areas in the development of the field of education abroad from 1965 to 2010. | ISBN 978-1-952376-12-2

bolen outcomes cover

A Guide to Outcomes Assessment in Education Abroad»

Edited by Mell C. Bolen
This essential publication provides tools for implementing outcomes assessment as a part of education abroad programming.