Committees & Working Groups

The Forum is grateful to the many professionals from across the field of education abroad whose active involvement in a wide range of projects and activities help us deliver content to serve the profession.
Committees: Groups contributing to recurring Forum efforts on a cyclical basis. Length of term of service varies by committee.
Working Groups: Project-based groups with finite start and end dates based around a particular project or deliverable.

Working Groups and projects start with ideas and recommendations from Forum members.

Per The Forum’s Standards Development policy we are putting a call out for volunteers to form a Standards Update Committee to provide recommendations for changes to the normative reference and terms and definitions sections of the 6th edition of the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad. The call for volunteers is open from April 6th– April 20th, 2023.

The scope of work includes weekly meetings in April and May with asynchronous collaboration between meetings. Pending ballot results of the consensus body, the committee may have additional meetings through 2023.

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Check back in July for opportunities to volunteer for working groups and committees for 2023-2024.

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Current Working Groups & Committees for 2022-2023

Supporting Today’s Ed Abroad Students Working Group

Description: This group will identify and gather resources to help EA professionals better serve and scale their services for today’s education abroad student, including students with disabilities and mental health challenges and students facing post-pandemic situations and social and political challenges.

Expected Deliverables:

  1. A list of existing resources/best practices that can support EA services for today’s students.
  2. A communication framework and/or strategy for effectively supporting students within the reality of their intended EA program.
  3. A team building strategy and/or training to help prepare and develop EA offices to navigate today’s students within their regional and institutional environment.

Timeline: September 2022 – June 2023

Estimated Time Commitment: 2-4 hours a month, inclusive of monthly 1-hour meetings and asynchronous collaborative work

Special skills or expertise needed? Colleagues with experience and knowledge of arranging/providing learning accommodations, disability services, and mental health and psychosocial support services in higher ed/international ed contexts are especially encouraged to apply.

Emelee Volden, University of Denver (Chair)
Craig Rinker, Georgetown University
Alexandria Johnson, Georgia State University
Kyle Keith, Barcelona SAE
Simona Boeva, London Metropolitan University
Nancy Guimaraes, Inteli Institute
Blythe Knott, Lewis & Clark College
Coady Sierra, Cornell College
Kimberly Sorlin, University of Delaware
Monya Lemery, Southwestern University
Stina Dufour, CEA Study Abroad
Mandy Brookins, The Forum on Education Abroad,

Climate Justice and Education Abroad Working Group

Description: This group will bring awareness and provide guidance to the field on Climate Justice and Education Abroad. Climate Justice views climate change as a civil rights issue that ties together critical topics facing education abroad stakeholders: social, economic, and environmental sustainability; equity, diversity and inclusion; and ethical community partnerships. This group will support the field in using diverse resources to promote Climate Justice.

Expected Deliverables:

  1. Identify existing resources to support Climate Justice in education abroad
  2. Identify grant opportunities to support Climate Justice in education abroad
  3. Draft a checklist or resource for members that proposes no cost, low cost, and investment actions to support Climate Justice (open access pdf/webpage)
  4. Develop grassroots marketing and social media campaigns to bring awareness to Climate Justice initiatives and share the group’s output

Timeline: September 2022 – March 2023

Estimated Time Commitment: approximately 1-2 hours per month for meetings; asynchronous – 2+ hours depending on subgroup/project

Special skills or expertise needed? No special skills or expertise are needed.

Colleagues in areas of the world that are disproportionally affected by climate change are strongly encouraged to apply.

Bianca Schonberg, University of Houston-Clear Lake (Chair)
Devin Foxall, The School for Field Studies
Christina Thompson, Barcelona SAE
Angelo Pisano, Smith College
Erica Jorgenson, University of Denver
Ari Kramer, Brandeis University
Kirsten Sheppard, Director of Global Engagement
Alexis Wren, Costa Rica Global Learning Programs
Jim West, Boston College
Jennifer Wilkinson, London Metropolitan University
Gregory Spear, Georgetown University
Jonathan Hope, Advanced Studies in England
Kelly Trail, University of Dayton
Tylo Ward, University Studies Abroad Consortium
Marina LaMastro, University of Richmond
Elizabeth Frohlich, The Forum on Education Abroad,

Faculty Engagement Working Group

Description: This group has formed to answer the following questions: How do we get more faculty engaged with Education Abroad? What is inhibiting faculty engagement? How can The Forum support faculty engagement? The group will review existing communication approaches, creating a welcoming environment, and identify necessary resources and programming. The group will develop a report of its findings and propose recommendations.

Expected Deliverables:

The report and recommendations will address:

  1. Communications & Networking
  2. Campus and organizations communications with faculty and academic units
  3. Communications with unaffiliated faculty
  4. Connecting education abroad to disciplinary associations
  5. Creating a welcoming environment:
  6. At the annual conference, such as creating a Faculty Track
  7. Review Forum Website Language, Content and Organization
  8. Developing relevant resources and programming – what currently speaks to faculty and what is needed

Timeline: September 2022 – May 2023

Estimated Time Commitment: one working meeting per month; 4 – 6 hours per month. Work will include virtual meetings and asynchronous work.

Special skills or expertise needed? Appointed faculty with experience in global learning and/or education abroad and education abroad professionals tasked with faculty engagement

Giselda Beaudin, Rollins College (Chair)
Elena Corbett, AMIDEAST Education Abroad
Stephanie Tilley, Prairie View A & M University
Jennifer Evanuik, Central Michigan University
Matthew Yates, California Lutheran University
Veronica Castro, AGLOCAM Educational Logistics
Erin French, Iowa State University
Allison Terry, Principia College
Pingchien Neo, University of Florida
Chris Carroll, Florida State University International Programs
Katherine Macfarlane, Northeastern University
Ravi Raj, Authentica
Jonathan Larson, Grinnell College
Todd Goen, Virginia Military Institute
Mary Price, The Forum on Education Abroad,

Changing Needs and Realities of the Current and Future International Educator

Description: This working group will assess and advocate for the changing skills, career trajectory, compensation, retention strategies needed to support the modern international educator within the evolving landscape of global education.

Expected Deliverables:

  1. Survey of professionals in the field to examine:
    1. Job titles and job responsibilities (written and unwritten)
    2. Skills/education
    3. Compensation
    4. Retention strategies
    5. Career growth
  2. In addition to a survey, committee members will review of primary source document materials such as job descriptions, study abroad office org charts
  3. Focus group to triangulate survey findings.
  4. White paper outlining the findings and recommendations for how institutions and organizations can advocate for updated job descriptions, compensation levels, and successful retention strategies and paths for growth in the field.

Timeline: September 2022 – June 2023

Estimated Time Commitment: Monthly 1-hour meetings throughout the academic year with additional asynchronous hours as needed for survey development, focus group organization/facilitation, and writing of white paper

Special skills or expertise needed?  This group welcomes all levels of professionals, including graduate students in the field. The following skills and experiences will be particularly useful to driving this work forward:

  • Strong writing skills
  • Experience in survey design and research is a plus
  • Professionals from a variety of institutions and organization types: public, private, MSIs, 3rd party, domestic-based, international-based institutional/organizations
  • Professionals with experience hiring, supervising, and/or human resources
Kyle Rausch, (Chair)
Keshia Abraham, The Abraham Consulting Agency
Nicole Fuls, University of Florida
Wendy Lombardo, Arcadia University – The College of Global Studies
Stephanie Levy, CIEE – Council on International Educational Exchange
Jenna Garchar, Civitas Learning
Deirdre Sheridan, National University of Ireland, Galway
Melanie Mala Ghosh, Tufts University
Miguel Ayllon, University of Missouri
Sally Roberts, University of Maryland, College Park
Amanda Kelso, Duke University
Sara Dart, Education in Ireland
Kate Simmons, DePaul University
Jenn Rau, Queen Mary University of London
Kelly Holland, AIFS Abroad
Amelia Dietrich, The Forum on Education Abroad,

Expanding Education Abroad Access for Non-Traditional Learners

Description: This group will investigate what resources and tools the field needs to expand education abroad access and communicate its value to non-traditional learners (veterans, online, adult, continuing education, grad students) and identify the stakeholders to bring into this work (career services, veterans affairs offices, DEI offices, Community college advisors, transfer and advising offices, workforce development stakeholders).

Expected Deliverables:

Phase 1:

  1. Identify gaps in resources and tools needed to support administrators (i.e. through survey and/or focus group/s).
  2. Develop a set of recommendations for the resources and tools the field needs to expand education abroad access and communicate its value to non-traditional learners.


Phase 2:

3.White paper framing the problem, need, and opportunity for non-traditional learners in education abroad and outlining the recommendations

Proposed Timeline: Phase 1, September 2022 – January 2023; Phase 2, January 2023 –June 2023

Estimated Time Commitment: Monthly 1-hour meetings throughout the academic year with additional asynchronous hours as needed for survey development, focus group organization/facilitation, and writing of white paper

Special skills or expertise needed?

Colleagues with experience working in or collaborating with the following groups are encouraged to volunteer:

  • Career services
  • Veterans Affairs offices
  • DEI/Access and Inclusion offices
  • Transfer and Advising offices
  • Community or Technical College Advisors
  • Workforce Development Stakeholders
  • Study Abroad Recruitment Professionals
  • Professionals from institutions that serve non-traditional learners.

Hannah Kilgore, Trinity College Dublin (Chair)
Joy Phaphouvaninh, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Joy Ellebbane, Bank Street College
Angela Schaffer, Fund for Education Abroad
Nancy Guimaraes, Inteli Institute of Technology
Michaela Yisrael, CEA Study Abroad
Sundi Musnicki, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Nicolette Dacke, Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Emily Wheeler, University of Colorado Denver
Danny Recio, Supportive Immersion Institute
Greta Decker, Vassar College
Heather Hodges, Trinity College Dublin
Jennifer Teague, Purdue University Global
Natasha Otto, Morgan State University
Sarah Craver, Hunter College – CUNY
Brian Henry, University of Denver
Colleen Marchwick, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Marissa Lombardi, The Forum on Education Abroad,

Award Selection Committee

Description: This committee is responsible for vetting submissions, selecting winners, and preparing the winners for their participation in the annual conference for both the Curriculum Award and the Award for Academic Achievement Abroad (given to students).

Expected Deliverables: Selection of winners; coaching of students for conference plenary

Length of Term: 1 awards cycle

Time Commitment: approximately 5 hours per month from September through November + time spent at the annual conference (for selected members of the group)

Adam Rubin, University at Buffalo (chair)
Riddle, Bowdoin College
Timothy Lynn Elliott, Brigham Young University
Mary Parsons, IES Abroad
Amelia Dietrich, The Forum on Education Abroad,

Health, Safety, Security & Risk Management Institute Planning Committee

Description: The annual Institute on Best Practices for Health, Safety, Security & Risk Management is education abroad’s signature annual event focusing on the education abroad risk management issues faced daily by organizations and institutions. The Standards Institute Planning Committee is formed in September for the event the following June, and will include one Council member. The committee provides feedback on potential plenary speakers in September & October. In February, the committee reviews session proposals.

Expected Deliverables: Develop Call for Proposals, assist with recruitment of proposals, review of proposals, attend the Institute

Length of Term: 9 months, beginning in September

Time Commitment: approximately 3 hours per month + attendance at the Institute

Maureen Gordon, Temple University (Co-chair)
Christine Sprovieri, Brown University (Co-chair)
Ashley Krutz, Florida State University
Annika Turner, Tuck School of Business at Darmouth College
Kim Priebe, UNC Chapel Hill
Molly Roe, Susquehanna University
Seth Tucker, Syracuse University
Jason Kinnear, UNC – Chapel Hill
Patrick Morgan, University of Michigan
Jacleen Mowery, Temple University
Julie Pollard, University of California Systemwide (UCEAP)
Marissa Lombardi, The Forum on Education Abroad,

Government Relations Committee

Description: This group will be asked to stay abreast of pending legislation or proposed revisions and renewals of existing legislation at the state and national level, provide feedback and updates on legislative issues, contribute to educating the field on the legislative process, and explain the impact of proposed legislation. The committee should include government relations professionals, education abroad professionals, and university communications professionals.

Expected Deliverables: This committee will work directly with Forum executive leadership in an advisory role.

Length of Term: 2 years

Time Commitment: approximately 2 hours per month, though this will vary depending on proposed legislation

Jackson Schmidtke, UW-Eau Claire
Asenith Dixon, CIEE
Gian Franco Borio, AACUPI – EUASA
Kathleen Grevers, Lorenzo de Medici Instituto
Melissa Torres, The Forum on Education Abroad, 

Research Advisory Committee

Description: Serve as advisors to the Senior Director for Research and Publications in developing upcoming Forum research projects and data reports.

Expected Deliverables: Provide feedback on Forum data collection projects and collaborations as needed.

Length of Term: 2  years

Time Commitment: approximately 2 hours per month; 1 hour for monthly meeting, 1 hour for review of materials in preparation for the meeting

Louis Berends, CEA Study Abroad (Chair)
Emily Gorlewski, Wesleyan University
Marisa A. Gray, Morgan State University
Dennis McCunney, East Carolina University
Paul Paparella, University of Virginia
Martina Hamanaka Serizawa, London Metropolitan University
Coryn Shiflet, Georgia Tech
Maia Wellington Gahtan, Kent State University, Florence Campus
Amelia Dietrich, The Forum on Education Abroad,

Standards Resources Committee

Description: The Standards Resources Committee performs an annual review of current member resources and finds new resources to fill existing gaps and timely needs in the field. One major focus for the current term will be on reorganizing current resources based on the new 6th edition of the Standards and continue to collect new resources for community colleges, minority-serving institutions (MSIs), historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), tribal colleges and universities (TCUs), and international organizations.

Expected Deliverables: Identifying and vetting new resources

Length of Term: 2 years

Time Commitment: approximately 1 hour per month

Jeanette Owen, American Councils for International Education (Chair)
Rebecca Baskerville, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Eowyn Greeno, WorldLearning
Meghan Mason, Denison University
Jennifer Murray, Bard College
Hannah Parten, Wesleyan University
Elena Quarti, University of New Haven
Diana Cordova, Costa Rica Global Learning Programs
Mandy Brookins, The Forum on Education Abroad,

Wollitzer Award Committee

Description: The Peter A. Wollitzer Advocacy Award honors a colleague who has been remarkably effective in influencing institutions of higher learning to understand and support education abroad through the promotion of The Forum’s mission and vision. The Selection Committee includes a representative from the Board of Directors (appointed by the Executive Committee of the Board), a representative from the Forum Council, and three members-at-large. Selection will occur in January, and the award will be presented at the Annual Conference.

Expected Deliverables: Recruitment of nominations; selection of winner

Length of Term: 1 award cycle

Time Commitment: approximately 2 hours per month from October to January

Adam Rubin, University at Buffalo (chair)
Jennifer Donaghue, The George Washington University
Alberto del Río Malo, Reed College
Jessica Sun, University of Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Frohlich, The Forum on Education Abroad,

Annual Conference Committee

Description: The Annual Conference Committee works closely with Forum staff in deciding on the conference theme, creating the Call for Proposals, and reviewing session proposals to create the content of the conference. Conference committee members contribute via e-mail and teleconference, primarily in May, June, August, and September.

Expected Deliverables: Selecting conference theme and creating Call for Proposals; reviewing session proposals; assistance with plenary speaker identification.

Length of Term: 1 year; chairs serve a second year as Past Chair

Time Commitment: Time commitment varies from month to month; committee members will be asked to devote 2-3 hours/month in May and June in preparation for the call for proposals; Several hours will be required for proposal review after the August deadline.

• Kelly Newlon, Washington State University (chair)
• Joy Phaphouvaninh, University of Illinois/Forum Council (past chair)
• Mark Beirn, University of California, Irvine
• Luísa Castro-Caldas, CIEE Lisbon
• Nicolette Dacke, Texas A&M University-Kingsville
• Karen Embry, Portland Community College
• Niko Garbacz, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
• Elisabet Raquel García, Access Equitable Education
• Megan Grover, Pacific Lutheran University
• Ivett Guntersdorfer, Bowling Green State University (Germany)
• Venkata Madhuri Gunti, CIEE (India)
• Julianna Johnson, University of Washington
• Ermioni Karachaliou, Hellenic American University (Greece)
• Courtney Kroll, University of Washington Tacoma
• Kevin Murphy, University of New Haven Tuscany Campus (Italy)
• Destiny Oppe, IES Abroad
• Jeff Penedo, EF Education First
• Jennifer Teague, Purdue University Global
• Michelle Walters, AIFS Abroad
• Susan Watson, Portland Community College
• Jaime Weaver, Juniata College
Elizabeth Frohlich, The Forum on Education Abroad,


All Working Groups and Committee projects start with ideas and recommendations from Forum members.