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Did you know that research suggests a positive link between pay transparency and diversity (Obloj and Zenger, 2022)? Companies who are transparent about salary information in their recruitment process report the recruitment and retention of more diverse staff compared to competitors (Valente, 2019). We encourage you to include as much information, including starting salary ranges and information about other benefits, in your ForumJobs post. Candidate pools are more diverse and more committed to the process when they can make an informed decision before they apply.

Obloj, T. & Zenger, T.R. (2022). The influence of pay transparency on (gender) inequity, inequality, and the performance basis of pay. Nature Human Behaviour 6(5).
Valente, J. (2019, May 10). Why salary transparency is important –especially for women and diversity. ANA: Driving growth.

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Current Job Listings: 61
Title Date Posted Institution
Associate Director, Education AbroadMay 10, 2023Emory University
Assistant Director for Student SuccessMay 8, 2023Syracuse University Strasbourg
Education Abroad CoordinatorMay 8, 2023Southern Methodist University
Faculty-Led Programs CoordinatorMay 7, 2023Agnes Scott College
Director, International Business Programs College of BusinessMay 4, 2023Missouri State University
Education Abroad Advisor I – Provider ProgramsApril 27, 2023Texas A&M University
Education Abroad Advisor I – Exchange ProgramsApril 27, 2023Texas A&M University
Education Abroad Advisor I – Faculty-Initiated TeamApril 27, 2023Texas A&M University
International Programs CoordinatorApril 26, 2023North Carolina State University
Education Abroad AdvisorApril 24, 2023Colorado State University
Coordinator International Student ServicesApril 24, 2023Grand Valley State University
Coordinator of Study Abroad and International PartnershipsApril 24, 2023Grand Valley State University
Director of International Programs and PartnershipsApril 22, 2023Purdue University Northwest
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Global ProgramsApril 20, 2023Washington University in St. Louis
Finance CoordinatorApril 20, 2023Tel Aviv University North America Office
Outreach Associate (2 positions)April 19, 2023DIS - Study Abroad in Scandinavia
Alumni Engagement ManagerApril 19, 2023DIS - Study Abroad in Scandinavia
Programs CoordinatorApril 19, 2023Lewis & Clark College
Summer Accounting TempApril 19, 2023IES Abroad
Director, Study Abroad and Global Experiences (Hybrid Schedule)April 18, 2023Valencia College in Orlando, Florida