Training & Events

It is our mission to cultivate educators who champion high-quality education abroad experiences that ignite curiosity, impact lives, and contribute to a better world. To make our vision a reality, we strive to provide international educators with opportunities to learn, grow, and bond as a community so that they have the tools to offer students the best possible experiences abroad.

Training & Events Calendar


The Forum hosts events and trainings across the United States, overseas, and online to all international educators:

Annual Conference»

Held every year, this multi-day event includes an ideal mix of upskilling and networking opportunities, complete with plenary sessions, concurrent sessions, community connections, and more. The annual conference is esteemed for its high-quality content, its critical conversations focused exclusively on education abroad, and the pathways it presents for partnership-building. This must-attend event also includes a celebration of colleagues and students with the presentation of Forum awards.

EMEA Conference»

Held every other year, the EMEA Conference is a more intimate event than the Annual Conference with a European, Middle Eastern and African focus. This multi-day event is an excellent opportunity for open dialogue, updates, and upskilling for on-site staff and education abroad institutions and organizations from around the globe.

European Institute»

The Institute will include workshops from a European perspective focused on equity, diversity and inclusion, supporting students’ mental health, and sustainability. A facilitated open forum will close the institute which will engage participants in producing a curated deliverable to share with the education abroad community.  

Career Integrated Global Learning Conference (CIGLC)»

Internships and career-integrated global learning are among the fastest growing areas of education abroad, allowing students to access high impact international experiences with immersive engagement in the local community. Ranging from individual placements or industry-based projects to pre-program research or re-entry workshops to MNC site visits or NGO case studies, the opportunities to explore how current education applies to future professions are vast. And the challenges are real.

Health & Safety Institute»

Best Practices for Health, Safety, Security and Risk Management, is education abroad’s signature annual event focusing on the risk management issues faced daily by organizations and institutions. Professionals in a variety of roles who are involved in managing international educational activities and associated risks gather each year at this Standards Institute to debrief, train, improve and learn the latest in best practices in education abroad risk management, including regulatory compliance.


The Forum’s webinars offer participants an opportunity to gather virtually to learn about and discuss timely and important topics in the field of education abroad. Our webinars, which can be a single one-hour event or a segment of a larger series, give attendees the chance to gain knowledge from experts for free or a minimal fee.


For educators and administrators who are looking to enhance their knowledge of best practices in education abroad, our Forum Workshops are an excellent way to learn how to apply the Standards of Good Practice in real-world situations and share best practices with colleagues in the field.

Professional Certification in Education Abroad Program»

The Professional Certification in Education Abroad program is intended for all colleagues in the field who want to certify their knowledge and expertise in the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad. Participants complete six modules based on the nine Standards of Good Practice and a Culminating Project. Attending Forum Workshops is included in the certification cost.

Forum Credentials»

Forum Credentials provide advanced professional training, based on the Standards of Good Practice, and demonstrate that you can articulate and apply the Standards in context. Credentials can stand on their own or can be applied towards the Professional Certification in Education Abroad Program. They are earned by attending the workshop associated with the credential and successfully completing the accompanying Standards Assignments. Upon completion, a digital badge is issued for three years describing the skills confirmed by the Forum Credential, which can be displayed on resumes, curricula vitae, email signatures, business cards and websites.