Operational Values

The Standards

The Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad are The Forum’s foundational resource, and The Forum will continue to make them accessible to member institutions, education abroad professionals, and external stakeholders.

Excellence and Improvement

The Forum strives for excellence and practices the same quality assurance that it promotes, seeking to improve continuously.

Institutional Engagement

The Forum’s institutional membership structure supports the integration of education abroad programming into all relevant academic and administrative divisions and the intentional engagement of an institution for assuring the quality of education abroad.

Financial Responsibility

The Forum seeks to be a prudent steward of it resources, follows best financial practices for non-profit organizations in serving its constituencies, and strives to offer good value to its members.


The Forum is able to respond quickly and appropriately to state, national and world events, as well as the needs of its member institutions and changes in the field that affect education abroad stakeholders.


The Forum’s policies, procedures, and activities are developed, implemented, and articulated in a fair and transparent manner, consistent with the organization’s bylaws, and with a commitment to ensuring that governance includes voices from its diverse constituents.


The Forum collaborates with experts in the field of education abroad and with associations that support The Forum’s mission and goals in mutually beneficial ways.