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Describe how the Self-Study and Peer Review process were valuable to your organization:

The QUIP process provided an excellent framework for assessing our work against the Standards of Good Practice.  It has been an impetus for discussion and collaboration between the two main offices involved with study abroad, as well as with other campus stakeholders involved in the international education process.  Our self-study and the peer review report provided important benchmarks that both offices can refer to as we continue to improve our policies and practices.

Share an example of a best practice at your organization that was recognized during your QUIP review, or that was developed as a result of your QUIP review:

UW-Eau Claire recently adopted a new set of liberal education graduation requirements based on the AAC&U VALUES Rubrics. Two working groups, each consisting of faculty and study abroad and/or immersion staff, have developed, piloted and assessed assignments aligned with the Global Learning and Integrated Learning outcomes.  Beginning with Summer 2017, students going abroad can opt-in to a set of Integrated Learning assignments and, upon completion, fulfill one of their two required Integrated Learning experiences for graduation.

Is there anything else that you would like to add about your experience with the QUIP Program?

The QUIP program was positive on all levels.  While it did require significant staff time at various stages, the framework provided was easy to work with, and the Forum staff was very responsive when we needed clarification. The emphasis on quality improvement encouraged us to identify and celebrate strengths while looking for gaps we could address.   The Peer Review team did an excellent job of focusing on those areas we had identified for feedback and making helpful suggestions and recommendations that took into account the realities of our work environment.