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QUIP Recognition Earned


Describe how the Self-Study and Peer Review process were valuable to your organization.

The Self-Study and Peer Review process provided an opportunity for our Center for International Studies to think critically and strategically about the work we do. We are often so busy performing daily tasks that we don’t have the chance to reflect on the relevance or rationale behind our processes. The Self-Study allowed us to take the time to articulate how we are implementing the Standards of Good Practice, an exercise that was both validating and insightful. In the end, we were able to see areas where we are performing well and to strategize with the peer reviewers on the areas that need attention.

Share an example of a best practice at your organization that was recognized during your QUIP Review, or that was developed as a result of your QUIP Review.

Our Center’s work with returned students was identified as a best practice. The Peer Reviewers noted that our returned students who had taken the post-study abroad course were enthusiastic and insightful in a way that showed that useful reflection can happen at a distance from the abroad experience itself. The Peer Reviewers also commented on the success of our student group, VISA Corps (Veteran International Student Ambassadors), which provides returned students with professional experience as peer student advisers, social time to engage in local-global activities, and post-study abroad learning and reflecting opportunities.