2. Student Learning and Development: The organization’s mission, goals, and operations prioritize student learning and development.

  • Educational objectives remain central to program design and management.
  • Regular evaluations are conducted to assess student learning and development.
  • Organizations seek to create and maintain continuity with student learning and development on the home campus.

  1. In what ways do you prioritize student learning and development in the design and management of your programs?
  2. How do you measure student learning and development outcomes?
  3. How do you use student learning and development assessments to improve your program design and management?
  4. How do program offerings support academic objectives of students and their home institutions?
  5. To what extent is your program curriculum integrated with curricula of the students’ home institutions?
  6. In what ways do your pre-program, on-site, and post-program offerings support the continuity of student learning and development?


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