1. Mission and Goals: The organization has a mission statement and articulates clear goals for its education abroad programming.

  • The mission statement defines the scope of the organization’s work, its objectives, and its aspirations, and it is made available to the organization’s internal and external constituents.
  • Specific learning goals are articulated for each of the organization’s individual programs.
  • The organization regularly assesses the degree to which it is achieving its mission and program goals, and uses these findings to pursue continuous improvement of the quality of its programming.

  1. What is your mission statement?
  2. Does it define the scope, goals, and aspirations of your organization’s work?
  3. In what ways do you continually foster understanding and support of your mission statement?
  4. What are the learning goals of each of your programs?
  5. Do you regularly evaluate the extent to which you are achieving your mission and goals?
  6. How do you use the results of these assessments to improve the quality of your programming?


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