The Forum is uniquely positioned to serve as a strategic advisor to international education leaders and institutions as they navigate internal and external pressures. Forum consultants help you analyze existing practices and develop a shared vision for the future and the path to get there, drawing on your organization’s unique strengths and our knowledge of best practices and emerging trends. 


  • Mission, vision, values, objectives, and goals development: Engage stakeholders in a creative, collaborative process to articulate your shared aspirations for the future. 
  • Strategic planning: Develop a plan of action to achieve your shared vision. 
    • Building stakeholder buy-in 
    • Aligning with larger institutional mission, vision, and strategic planning and internationalization efforts 
    • Considering shifting student needs 
    • Ensuring academic relevance 
  • Strategic plan implementation: Expert guidance to put your action plan into place. 
    • Capacity building 
    • Restructuring or rejuvenating your office 
    • Operational efficiencies 
    • Financial models 
    • Resource optimization 
  • Strategic management: Create a culture of planning for continuous improvement. 
  • Partnership development: Strategies to build effective partnerships that advance your goals.
    • Enhance your profile with prospective partners. 
    • Leverage learning partnerships among stakeholders to drive change through collaborative relationship building.