The Forum is uniquely positioned as the Standards Development Organization (SDO) for the field of education abroad. Our real strength, however, comes from the hundreds of voices engaged in the work of standards development, and the insights that come from their collective knowledge. Our consulting practice is grounded in the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad and elevated by the experience of the people who use them. 


  • Standards Assessments and External Reviews: How does your education abroad programming measure up? Through our adaptive review process, a seasoned expert will provide objective analysis, insights into strengths and areas for improvement, and actionable recommendations tailored to your organization and grounded in the Standards of Good Practice. Share the findings internally to help upper-level administrators understand how to better support quality education abroad, or externally with partners to assure them that you operate with the highest integrity.  
  • Implementing the Standards as the foundation for success: Building or expanding your programming with the Standards can feel daunting. Work with a Forum consultant to empower your organization to use the Standards as the foundation for strong programs.  
  • Using the Standards guide partnership development: How do I know whether my current or prospective partners meet the Standards? Develop a plan for vetting new partners and reviewing current partnerships framed by the Standards of Good Practice