Award for Advancing the UN SDGs Nomination

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Nominations must be submitted by The Forum institutional representative at a current institutional member of The Forum.

Implementation of the guidelines for Advancing the UN SDGs through Education Abroad

For each section of the guidelines for Advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through Education Abroad, please address each clause by responding to the questions below.
MISSION & GOALS: How well does your mission statement align with SDGs?

COLLABORATION & TRANSPARENCY BETWEEN PARTNERS: How well do you embed sustainability into your study abroad partnerships?

ETHICS: How do you incorporate ethical considerations such as wellbeing, education, equality, responsible consumption and production into your programming?

EQUITY, DIVERSITY, & INCLUSION: How do you address systemic biases and enhance equity, diversity and inclusion at every level: internal (students, faculty, staff) and external (partners, local communities)? 
OPERATIONS: How do your operational policies and practices reduce your programs’ carbon footprint on campus and abroad?

PROGRAM PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT: How do your program designs impact student learning outcomes around SDGs and improve medium- and long-term wellbeing of local communities? 

PERSONNEL: How do you engage, upskill and reward personnel on the basis of their SDG awareness and contributions?

PARTNERSHIPS & COLLABORATION: What partnerships have you developed and how do you engage with them to enhance progress towards SDGs?

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: How do you engage with local communities to promote awareness and achievement of SDGs?
BEFORE PROGRAM: How do your programs integrate sustainability topics and sustainable practices into program design & promotions?

DURING PROGRAM: How do your programs try to understand sustainable development within the local context and include sustainability-related curricular / co-curricular activities?

AFTER PROGRAM: How do you encourage post-program reflection on sustainability issues? How do you reward, recognize and encourage students championing sustainability?