Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad, 6th Edition

5. Administrative Framework

5.2. Financial and Human Resources

Each organization shall be fiscally responsible and ensure that each program in its portfolio is funded and staffed to meet its goals.

5.2.1. Each organization shall commit to planning, delivery, evaluation, and assessment for continuous improvement.

5.2.2. Personnel involved in all aspects of the program shall be equitably remunerated, qualified, and trained for their roles to meet the program objectives for all students. Each responsible party shall consider local standards and cost of living when determining a fair and ethical level of remuneration. Each responsible party shall invest in training specific to program needs. Each responsible party should define “qualified” relative to the program needs, including, but not limited to, consideration of:

    • academic qualifications
    • professional certifications
    • experience

5.2.3. Each organization shall ensure workloads that enable personnel to support program goals.

5.2.4. Each organization shall provide risk management, preparedness, and emergency response measures for all programs and ensure insurance coverage is in place.

5.2.5. Each organization shall facilitate reasonable accommodations to enable students of varying needs and disability status to participate in education abroad.

5.2.6. Responsible parties should ensure that facilities and infrastructure, including housing, are suited to the goals of the program.

5.2.7. Responsible parties shall provide a safe environment that supports learning for all students.

Shall = minimum requirement | Should = recommendation | Can = possibility

Prompts for Self Assessment
  1. How do you ensure fiscal responsibility?
  2. What is your cycle of planning, delivery, evaluation and assessment?
  3. How do you determine the funding and staffing levels needed for each program to meet its goals? How do you meet these levels?
  4. What are your policies governing hiring, training, compensation, benefits, and evaluation of personnel?
  5. How do you ensure that responsible parties’ credentials and backgrounds are appropriate for your program?
  6. How do you train responsible parties to anticipate and respond to participant health, safety, and security risks in the education abroad context?
  7. How do you ensure that the facilities and infrastructure for a program suit the goals of the program?
  8. How do you ensure that facilities reasonably accommodate participants and personnel of varying needs and disability statuses?
  9. How do you prepare responsible parties to work with, educate, and serve historically underrepresented and historically underserved students?

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