The Outcomes Assessment Toolbox

The Outcomes Assessment Toolbox is a platform for sharing assessment tools and strategies among professionals in the education abroad community created by the Outcomes Assessment and Research Committee.

Case Studies: Learning by Example
Assessment Tools: In-house and External
Assessment Texts: Source Literature and Resources
Outcomes Assessment Bibliography: Review the Research
Glossary of Terms: Learn the Lingo
Position Papers
Other Resources

About the Toolbox

The materials in The Outcomes Assessment Toolbox should prove helpful to Forum members who are new to assessment and to members already involved in assessment and ready to take additional steps forward.

Click on the links* above to:

  • Access samples of widely available and in-house instruments, examples of best practices, and a glossary of assessment terminology
  • Learn by example through case studies
  • Review a bibliography of research and texts related to assessment
  • Access outside resources

Many thanks to the following committee members for their hard work in developing this resource:

Nick Gozik, Boston College, Chair
Janna Behrens, Amherst College, Vice Chair
Elizabeth “Betsy” Brewer, Beloit College
Dennis Doyle, Central College
Helena Kaufman, Carleton College
Melissa Torres, IES Abroad
Kyle Trusgnich, Italy Center, Spring Hill College
Victor Savicki, Western Oregon University

Contributions to the Toolbox and suggestions for improving it are always welcome at