Investigating the Careers of Language Study Abroad Alumni

Researchers at Penn State’s Center for Language Acquisition, The Forum on Education Abroad, and the American Councils for International Education collaborated on a large-scale research project to explore the longitudinal effects of language learning and study abroad on career outcomes. The project was funded by the Department of Education’s International Research and Studies grant program.

Project Results and Outputs:

Preview the Quantitative Survey Results:

The careers of language study abroad alumni: Results and applications from a mixed-methods investigation (presentation given at the 2022 Cultures and Language Across the Curriculum (CLAC) Conference, December 2, 2022)

Alumni Profiles:

Antonia Zunarelli, Indiana University alumna, studied abroad in Italy

Courtney Hale, Northern Arizona University alumna, studied abroad in Japan

Amelia Parenteau, Sarah Lawrence College alumna, studied abroad in France

Alex Johnson, University of Minnesota alumnus, studied abroad in the Dominican Republic

Read the book to learn more:

The Professional Lives of Language Study Abroad Alumni Available now!

Project Supporters

We thank the following institutions and organizations for lending their support to participant recruitment for this project:

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Project Timeline
February 2019 Official Project Launch
January-April 2019 Ongoing Recruitment of Project Partners for Phase 1: Alumni Survey
February 11, 2019 The Forum begins social media promotion
February 2019 Partners begin email outreach to education abroad program alumni
March – May 2019 Ongoing outreach to education abroad program alumni by The Forum and partners (see Partner Info Packet for details)
June 1, 2019 Survey closed – 4899 respondents completed our survey! We look forward to sharing results with you soon.
Early 2020 Survey results published*
Nov. 2019 – Mar. 2020 Presentations at ACTFL, The Forum’s Annual Conference, AAAL
January 2020 Phase 2: Language History Interviews and documentary project begins
April 2021 Release date for Alumni Profile #1: Antonia Zunarelli
September 2021 Release additional Alumni Profiles + publish findings from study

Colleagues with questions about this project can contact Amelia Dietrich, Director for Research and Resources ( for more information.