Participate in the 2022 State of the Field Survey
Our most comprehensive survey yet!



  • Data Collection Period: September 27 to November 23 (deadline extended)


You asked for it! Colleagues across the field have reached out to The Forum looking for data to help benchmark current practices and guide future decision-making as we’ve navigated through major changes in our profession. The State of the Field survey has always been intended to serve these purposes. The changes made this year are designed to respond to the changing needs of our field.


Thanks are to due to: the Research Advisory Group, the Changing Needs and Realities of the Current and Future International Educator Working Group, the Forum Council, Sarah Spencer, and Lisa Donatelli for their input into the preparation of this survey and to everyone in our network who participates and spreads the word to others to do the same.


How is this different from other surveys conducted in our field?

We know that other organizations in our field and across higher education are also reaching out to you for survey responses and data collection and we are very careful not to ask you the same questions. What’s unique about The Forum’s State of the Field Survey is:

  • This is, to our knowledge, the only survey that takes the temperature on current institutional practices, challenges, and priorities related specifically and exclusively to education abroad.
  • Our individual survey goes deeper into job responsibilities, compensation packages, and pathways to professional careers in our field for university, provider, and other related positions working in locations worldwide.
  • The State of the Field serves as an important jumping-off point for many other Forum projects and services that we offer to the field throughout the year. See, for example, the Education Abroad Position Descriptions resource which resulted from our last individual survey of professionals in 2013.
  • Our survey questions and reports are developed in collaboration with a diverse group of colleagues from across our field who help us make sure the work is relevant, focused, and helps advance knowledge in our field.

How long will it take me to complete the survey?

We estimate about 20 minutes for each part (individual and institutional). We know that’s sounds a little bit lengthy, but with high participation rates, the data we can share back to you will be worth it.

Why should I participate?
The more individuals and institutions respond, the better the data will be. The better the data, the better the choice you can make based on that data. Plus, you can complete the survey while you’re drinking your morning coffee. 🙂

Can I invite others to participate in this survey as well?
Please help us spread the word!

I didn’t receive the Institutional Survey for my organization. How can I participate?
Contact Amelia Dietrich,, for assistance and to confirm eligibility.

Is my data safe?
Yes! The Forum’s data collection efforts are guided by a comprehensive Privacy Policy (click here to view). It is our policy not to collect personally identifiable information unless it is strictly necessary for the integrity of our work, and to keep ALL answers confidential. Only essential Forum staff will have access to the individual survey response data. Any publications or presentations of the data will include only report aggregate group data or fully anonymized individual comments in such a way that responses will not be identifiable to any individual institution or organization. 

Contact with additional questions.