These questions are adapted from Meeting the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad: Prompts for Self-Assessment (2020).

  1. Please enter the course description.
  2. What are the learning objectives for this course?
  3. How do you measure student learning and development outcomes?
  4. How does the curriculum support participants’ understanding of the social, historical, political, economic, linguistic, cultural, and environmental contexts?
  5. How do the curricular and co-curricular programming, including assigned readings, excursions, and guest speakers, include diverse perspectives and practice inclusive pedagogy?
  6. What are your policies and procedures related to evaluation, awarding and/or transfer of credit, grade conversions, grade appeals, research ethics, and academic integrity? How do you make them accessible to interested parties?
  7. Did you consult any resources on education abroad that were particularly helpful in designing this course? If so, please describe.

You will be prompted to upload a course syllabus at the end of the form, which is required for consideration for the Award for Excellence in Education Abroad Curriculum Design. You will also have the option to upload photos and additional documents (assignments, activities, etc.)


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