Forum BEVI Project

The Forum on Education Abroad  collaborated with the International Beliefs and Values Institute (IBAVI) to pilot the Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory (BEVI).

For a discussion of implications and results of the BEVI pilot,  see Elizabeth Wandschneider, et al: “The Forum BEVI Project: Applications and Implications for International, Multicultural, and Transformative Learning” Frontiers: the Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad, XXV, Spring 2015.

About the BEVI
In development since the early 1990s, the Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory (BEVI) is an analytic tool that examines how and why we come to see ourselves, others, and the larger world as we do (e.g., how life experiences, culture, and context affect our beliefs, values, and worldview) as well as the influence of such processes on multiple aspects of human functioning (e.g., learning processes, relationships, personal growth, the pursuit of life goals). For example, highly relevant to international, multicultural, and transformative learning, the BEVI assesses processes such as:

  • Basic openness;
  • The tendency to (or not to) stereotype in particular ways;
  • Self- and emotional awareness;
  • Preferred strategies for making sense of why “other” people and cultures “do what they do”;
  • Global engagement (e.g., receptivity to different cultures, religions, and social practices); and,
  • Worldview shift (e.g., to what degree do beliefs and values change as a result of specific experiences).

Usage of the BEVI
Individuals, groups, institutions, and organizations use the BEVI for a variety of assessment and intervention purposes, including:

  • To evaluate learning experiences (e.g., study abroad; multicultural courses; service learning);
  • To understand learning processes (e.g., who learns what and why, and under what circumstances);
  • To promote learning objectives (e.g., increased awareness of self, others, and the larger world);
  • To enhance teaching and program quality (e.g., which experiences or courses have what impact, and why);
  • To facilitate growth and development (e.g., of individuals, groups, organizations);
  • To conduct research (e.g., how and why do people become more “open” to different cultures);
  • To address organizational needs (e.g., staff / leadership development; assess organizational climate); and,
  • To comply with assessment and accreditation requirements (e.g., substantive assessment).

BEVI Reports
BEVI results are translated automatically into reports at the individual, group, and organizational level. Individual reports have multiple applications (e.g., as a teaching tool in classes, or during pre-departure orientation sessions for an international learning experience), and are designed to facilitate thoughtful and substantive reflection on self, others, and the world at large. Group and organizational reports provide cohort profiles, index scores, and other analyses that help course instructors, program directors, and administrators understand how different groups see the world before a learning experience occurs (e.g., education abroad), and how much “worldview shift” occurs as a result of the experience.  In addition to individualized reports and pre/post testing at the group or organizational level, the BEVI may be used for many other assessment and research purposes as well (e.g., to track learning processes over time; evaluate program outcomes; meet institutional assessment needs; examine specific research questions; use the BEVI with other measures and research projects).

The Pilot Phase of The Forum BEVI Project
The following colleges, universities, and study abroad providers – all members of The Forum on Education Abroad – participated in a pilot phase of this project: Brethren Colleges Abroad, Dickinson College, IES Abroad, International Studies Abroad, James Madison University, Michigan State University, Saint Mary’s College, Saint Olaf College, University of South Carolina, University of Texas, and Wells College.

The Forum-IBAVI Working Group on BEVI Implementation
In 2010, The Forum on Education Abroad and the International Beliefs and Values Institute established The Forum – IBAVI Working Group on BEVI Implementation in Research, Education, and Practice.

Additional Information
If you, your institution, or organization are interested in learning more about the BEVI, please see or International Beliefs and Values Institute (