Professional Certification in Education Abroad Application for Institutional Teams

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  • Application Instructions

    1 ) Complete online registration form.
    2 ) Submit.

    You will be invoiced for the Application Fee by email upon receipt of your Application.

  • Please write the number in the space above, and their names and email addresses below. We have space for 5 different team members, if you want to register more people please fill this form again and write 0 in the number of members to register. Thank you

  • Certification Cost

  • Additional Information

    Learn more about the Accelerated Residency.

    The Forum will review your record to determine if any of the Standards workshops you have previously taken qualify towards your Certification Program. Visit our website for more information on workshops and our credit policy or contact us at

  • Agreement by Applicant

    In order to participate in The Forum on Education Abroad’s Professional Certification in Education Abroad, all candidates must read and agree to the following provisions.

    I understand and agree that my responses to the Standards Assignments at the end of each module must be completed and submitted in their entirety before they will be assessed.

    I understand and agree that I must complete all of the Standards Assignments associated with each module, beginning with Module 1 (including the workshop) and ending with the Culminating Project, and I acknowledge that it is highly recommended to attend all workshops related to Professional Certification. I understand that I am required to attend only the workshop associated with Module 1.

    I understand and agree that if I embark on Professional Certification in Education Abroad and then choose* not to complete all modules and associated Standards Assignments that comprise Certification within three years**, I will not be entitled to a refund of any fees paid.

    I understand and agree to abide by The Forum’s Code of Ethics for Education Abroad. I agree to exemplify high standards of honesty and integrity by maintaining the confidentiality of the contents of any Standards Assignments and my responses to those Assignments. I understand and agree that discovery of a violation of confidentiality will result in automatic failure and the immediate expulsion from Certification.

    I understand that if I successfully complete all modules and their corresponding Standards Assignments, including the Culminating Project, I will be granted Certification in the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad.

    I understand that I must maintain my Certification by demonstrating continuing professional development, which entails accumulating the required number of points in continuing education and professional development, professionalism or service activities. I understand that I will be required to submit appropriate documentation to demonstrate my continuing professional development. I understand that The Forum may charge an administrative fee to process this documentation if I am not employed by a Forum member institution or organization.

    I understand that failure to adhere to the provisions of this agreement will result in losing my privilege of participating in Certification and/or revocation of the certification.