Professional Certification: Cost & Scholarships

Professional Certification Program Cost

  • $2,250 for members
  • $2,999 for non-members


The cost includes:

  • Attendance to all six certification Standards workshops (in person or virtual)
  • Online access to all six pre-recorded Standards workshops
  • Assessment of Standards Assignments, including the Culminating Project
  • Six Forum Credential digital badges to be used on websites, social media, networking sites
  • Certificate upon successful completion of the program and use of “Certified Professional” mark
  • Ongoing certification maintenance for as long as the individual is employed in the field of education abroad at a Forum member institution or organization

Forum Fellowship

The Forum Fellowship supports education abroad professionals from HBCUs, Tribal Colleges, and Hispanic Serving Institutions. Up to five Fellowships are awarded each year. Fellows are enrolled in The Forum’s Professional Certification in Education Abroad Program and are invited to participate in the summer in-person Accelerated Residency.

Accommodation for three nights is provided as part of the fellowship. Candidates or their institutions are expected to cover the cost of travel and meals not included. Participants who are unable to attend the in-person Accelerated Residency will be enrolled in the Forum/SIT virtual course.

For more information about The Forum Fellowship and application deadlines visit The Forum Fellowship page.

Logo of Sara's Wish Foundation, which includes the name of the organization and a photo of Sara Schewe smilingFellowship support for the Professional Certification Program is provided by membership and a generous donation from Sara’s Wish Foundation.




Credit Policy

The following credits can be applied towards the cost of the Professional Certification Program:

  • A credit of $175 for each workshop previously paid.
  • A credit of $250 for each Forum Credential completed within three years.

Please note that workshops and Forum Credentials must be part of the current program curriculum.

Group Discounts

A group discount of $300/participant is offered to three or more participants from a Forum member institution.

The Forum strongly encourages institutions to submit three or more applications at the same time in order for the group discount to be applied to all participants. Applications submitted within six months of each other will qualify for the group discount. The group discount will be applied at the time the third application is received. Please note that individuals who apply for and receive a scholarship are not eligible for the group discount and may not be counted as one of the three participants to qualify for this discount.

Payment Options

Payment can be made in full at the time of acceptance into the program or in three equal payment installments submitted at the following intervals:

  • time of acceptance into the program
  • after two of the modules have successfully been completed or upon enrollment of the 4th workshop
  • after six of the modules have successfully been completed or upon enrollment of the 6th workshop

Please note that participants attending the Accelerated Residency are required to pay in full before the beginning of the Residency.

Certification Maintenance Cost

  • Member = There is no cost for certification maintenance as long as an individual is employed by a Forum institutional member.
  • Non-Member = $150/every two years.

Withdrawal from the Program

Participants who embark on the Certification Program and then choose not to complete all of the modules and associated Standards Assignments that comprise the program within the recommended three years will not be entitled to a refund.

In cases where documented, extenuating circumstances beyond the participant’s control develop, the following refund schedule will apply:

  • Withdrawal from program after 1/3 complete (participation in all 6 workshops) = Credit of 30% of program cost
  • Withdrawal from program after 1/2 complete (participation in all 6 workshops plus at least 2 assignments completed) = Credit of 20% of program cost
  • Withdrawal from program after 2/3 completion (participation in all 6 workshops plus at least 5 assignments completed) = Credit of 10% of program cost

Please note that if your institution pays the certification cost and you later withdraw from the program or leave the institution, the refund/credit will be issued back to the institution, according to the withdraw policy above.  If you plan to continue with certification at another institution, the full certification cost will be due, less the application cost. (Policy updated 2/21/2020)