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QUIP Recognition Earned


Year of Interim Report Recognition


Describe how the Self-Study and Peer Review process were valuable to your organization.

The QUIP Self-Study and Peer Review offered IES Abroad the opportunity to understand the scope and nature of our evaluation documents and processes in a way that we had not previously. The results of the review suggested that some of our evaluations might be too extensive. The final report also offered specific suggestions that have been implemented at IES Abroad.

Share an example of a best practice at your organization that was recognized during your QUIP Review, or that was developed as a result of your QUIP Review.

IES Abroad implemented many of the recommendations that appeared in the final QUIP report, including:

  • Offered periodic webinars for Center Directors and Center staff, including webinars on intercultural competence
  • Used Moodle to announce local events, clubs, volunteer opportunities at Centers
  • Created a new academic brochure to highlight steps that IES Abroad takes to ensure academic excellence
  • Created an instrument to evaluate CORE and share feedback with Center staff

Is there anything else you would like to add about your experience with the QUIP program?

The Self-Study was an excellent instrument by which IES Abroad took stock of how we communicate with our various stakeholders and how we evaluate the various services that we provide. Equally valuable was the review by the two outside peer reviewers, each of whom brought his own insights and perspectives to the review while abiding by The Forum’s guidelines and Standards of Good Practice.