Study Abroad Program

1.)  An education abroad enrollment option designated to result in academic credit.  Several study abroad programs may be housed at the same location or center.  Simultaneously, an educational institution or an independent program provider may offer distinct programs at a location.  2.)  The administrative unit at an institution that oversees study abroad options for its students.  Separate options at separate locations are considered programs.  When two or more options are offered at the same location, they are distinct programs if a) their sponsor(s) give them different names, and b) they meet either of two additional criteria:  either they have different sponsors and application procedures for admission (for example, Program Provider 1 at the University of New York and Program Provider 2 at the University of York are distinct programs even though their students may have access to the same classes; or they have the same sponsor but separate application pools and completely separate student bodies and courses (for example, Provider 1 Brussels Language and Culture and the Provider 1 European Union may be distinct programs because students must apply to one or the other and, once admitted, never are in the same classroom together).

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