Forum Trained Facilitator Team & Certification Assessors Application

How are FTFT members and Assessors selected?

  • Colleagues of Forum member institutions are invited to apply to become a member of the FTFT or Assessor Team.
  • A selection committee comprised of The Forum’s Vice President for Programs, Training and Services, and at least two FTFT members and an Assessor, will review applications to join the FTFT and Assessor team. The committee will nominate applicants to participate in The Forum’s Accelerated Residency.
  • After completing the training, all nominees will be evaluated regarding their ability to facilitate workshops, interact with colleagues, and present on behalf of The Forum.
  • All nominees will either be offered an opportunity to become a member of the FTFT or the Assessor Team, dependent upon their completion of Certification within a calendar year.


  • FTFT and Assessor nominees are expected to participate in The Forum’s Accelerated Residency The Forum will waive tuition for the Professional Certification Program.
  • As part of their training, Facilitators and Assessors are expected to become certified by completing the Professional Certification program within a calendar year.
  • Additional training through webinars is provided on an as needed basis: prior to delivering a workshop, or when a workshop curriculum or Certification assignments have been updated.

Terms of service

  • FTFT and Assessor team members serve their three year term after initial training, with annual training to be provided by The Forum. The term begins July 1 after being accepted as either an Assessor or a Facilitator.
  • Members of either team may offer to serve up to two consecutive terms (for a total of 6 years). Decisions to renew an Assessor’s or Facilitator’s term are at the discretion of Forum staff.


FTFT Members

  • FTFT members are expected to deliver Forum workshops when their schedule allows by traveling to destinations where the workshop is to be delivered. The Forum funds Facilitators’ travel, accommodations and workshop-related travel expenses.  Meals are reimbursed on a per diem basis.
  • Each Team member is expected to successfully deliver at least one workshop or webinar during their first 18 months. The inability to do so because of scheduling conflicts or other commitments will impact the individual’s ability to continue on the Team.
  • Each Facilitator is expected to facilitate one workshop per year dependent upon The Forum’s need for facilitation.
  • Facilitators receive a modest honorarium from The Forum as recognition for their service to The Forum’s mission.


  • Forum Certification Assessors are expected to evaluate their assigned files within the time allotted. The inability to do so will impact the individual’s ability to complete her or his term.
  • Assessors are expected to assess multiple Standards Assignments (submissions and resubmissions) within three weeks of receipt.
  • Assessment rubrics are provided for each assignment. Assessors provide specific feedback to participants who do not complete Assignments successfully to assist them in meeting the stated criteria.
  • Revised assignments will be resubmitted and evaluated by Assessors. This process will continue until the participant achieves a successful result on all of the Standards Assignments.
  • Assessors receive a modest honorarium from The Forum as recognition for their service to The Forum’s mission.

Code of Ethics

  • FTFT members and Certification Assessors must understand and agree to abide by the field’s Code of Ethics for Education Abroad. Assessors must agree also to exemplify high standards of honesty and integrity by maintaining the confidentiality of the program participants, as well as the contents of the Standards Assignments, including the questions and responses.

Apply Now

Applications are now closed. The next application cycle will begin in 2022.