A Seat at the Table for Education Abroad

In Part 2 of the Conducting Education Abroad during COVID-19 webinar series, the panel explores strategies for improving communication and representing education abroad interests in decision-making that happens at the highest administrative levels on campuses. The COVID-19 pandemic drew renewed or increased attention on education abroad programming on many campuses. The need to act quickly, decisively, and on a large scale meant that sometimes decisions were made outside of the education abroad office.

Now, many colleagues in education abroad are reflecting on how they can improve communication with executive-level administrators in order to ensure that their voices are heard and their expertise brought to bear on future decision-making. Our panel of two Senior International Officers and one Director of Education Abroad share their insights and offer suggestions for (re)building communication with senior administrators and reinforcing the value of education abroad on your campus.


  • Gifty Ako-Adounvo, The University of Rhode Island
  • Susan Popko, Santa Clara University
  • Brian Brubaker, The Pennsylvania State University
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