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Describe how the Self-Study and Peer Review process were valuable to your organization.

As CEA Study Abroad is part of the dynamic field of international education, it was critical to conduct a comprehensive independent assessment of our entire organization—including programs—in order understand our areas of strength and improvements needed. This in turn will help us provide students top quality programs while also furthering the scope of education abroad. By completing the Self-Study and obtaining peer review feedback, we have been able to strengthen our academic framework, mission, and focus our dedication on academic excellence. The Self-Study provided CEA a thorough analysis of our entire organization in comparison to the Standards of Good Practice while the peer reviewer feedback provided an additional insight on recommendations that we have begun to implement.

Share an example of a best practice at your organization that was recognized during your QUIP Review, or that was developed as a result of your QUIP Review.

Our QUIP review indicated that CEA was in substantial conformity with the Standards of Good Practice. An important highlight addressed in our QUIP review referenced that CEA’s relationship with their School of Record, The University of New Haven, is one of the strongest the QUIP panel has seen. This demonstrates CEA’s commitment to quality assurance and commitment from The University of New Haven to hold CEA to the highest standards.

• The University of New Haven reviews all requests for courses, faculty appointments, administration, and academic facility approvals.
• The University of New Haven also conducts Academic Performance Reviews on a rotating basis on all CEA study centers that is comprised of evaluations on the overall academic performance and overall operations of each study center.
• In alignment with QUIP, CEA is very committed to quality improvement and academic excellence.

Another best practice identified in our QUIP review was our Academic Integrated Cultural Activities Program (AICAP) at our CEA Barcelona Study Center that provides active learning opportunities in the local community in which the assignments are assessed and calculated into the final grade. Since the original review was conducted, and following the positive reviews received, the AICAP has proven very valuable in student learning and development and therefore it has been expanded to other CEA study centers and programs.

Is there anything else that you would like to add about your experience with the QUIP Program?

Ongoing evaluation and assessment is critical to ensure that we provide quality programs to students seeking to study abroad. Through the QUIP review process, we were able to evaluate our organization comprehensively on all Standards. We praise the QUIP review team and members of The Forum for the ability to have an extensive peer review evaluation that enhances the future of not only our organization but in the field of education abroad.