QUIP Recognition Earned


Describe how the Self-Study and Peer Review process were valuable to your organization.

Taking time to review our protocols and processes in light of the Standards was an extremely valuable exercise. Doing so compelled us to reconsider the big picture, to assess how well our practices are conforming to our mission and directly benefitting our participants, and to develop unique solutions to longstanding areas of concern.

​The challenge of clearly articulating and demonstrating to external parties our guiding tenets, operational standards and protocols allowed us to affirm that API adheres to best practices in the field, while never losing sight of our mission or the students we serve. We highly recommend the process to other organizations that are committed to making their organizations as strong and mission-driven as possible.

Share an example of a best practice at your organization that was recognized during your QUIP Review, or that was developed as a result of your QUIP Review.

API believes that our mission and core values should guide our work on a daily basis. In turn, the mission and core values reflect our conviction that a primary determinant of program quality is the professionalism and dedication of the staff who develop, promote, and lead those programs. Over our 20-year history, we have sought to hire individuals who are passionate and committed to our work. Peer reviewers noted that API’s focus on providing a positive work environment for our employees as a core value leads directly to another of API’s main strengths, namely the tremendous human resource represented by its workforce.

Is there anything else that you would like to add about your experience with QUIP?

The QUIP review process was an extremely positive​ experience for API. It allowed us​ to devote time and resources to evaluating ​our organization’s policies and practices ​through an external lens, which brought us new insights and perspectives to further guide us as we move forward. It is a​n empowering ​​challenge to articulate how and why ​one do​es​ what ​one do​es​ on a daily basis​,​ and ​it was wonderful to ​solicit feedback ​and validation ​from experienced professionals outside of ​the organization. It is ​quite ​gratifying to be recognized for a job well done and simultaneously be guided toward areas where improvements can be made. It has been a pleasure to work with ​consummate ​professionals​ throughout the process, all of​ who​m​ have been involved in the field for decades​. We sincerely appreciate their praise​ and affirmation of our strengths,​ as well as their ​constructive criticism​, as their feedback will help us to ensure that API is even stronger in the future.