2022 AAAA Faculty Review Rubric

For Faculty reviewing nominations for the Award for Academic Achievement Abroad.

  • Award for Academic Achievement Abroad Rating Rubric and Worksheet

    Thank you for assisting The Forum on Education Abroad in identifying outstanding academic work accomplished by undergraduates while studying abroad. The Forum depends on the disciplinary knowledge and experience of faculty readers to assess the nominations we receive. We appreciate you sharing your time and expertise with us.
  • About the Award

    For more information visit: https://archive.forumea.org/resources/outcomes/award-for-academic-achievement-abroad/ Any questions regarding the Award or this process should be directed to Amelia Dietrich: dietrica@forumea.org .
  • Instructions:

    Please complete all questions on the form for the first of the nominations you have been asked to rate and click "Submit" when you are finished. Return to the beginning of the form and repeat until all of your assigned nominations have been rated. All ratings and the identities of faculty reviewers will remain confidential.
    Please note: You cannot save your work. You must complete all responses and click submit in a single session.
  • If more than one, list first only.
  • 2) How integral to the project and its completion was the international experience at the research site?
  • 3) Quality of Nominee's Academic Work
  • This nomination showcases rigorous and significant undergraduate academic work.
  • We like to provide each student and their nominator with brief feedback to help nominators understand how to better prepare future student nominations. Please write at least a sentence or two of constructive comments that we can share with the nominee and their college/university representative at the end of this process.