And the 2021 Recipient of The Forum’s Inaugural Award for Advancing the SDGs through Education Abroad Is…

Penn State GlobalPenn State Global has been selected as the recipient of The Forum on Education Abroad’s first Award for Advancing the UN SDGs through Education Abroad, sponsored by Authentica.

Penn State Global is proud to partner with academic units and the Sustainability Institute to implement curricular integration, programmatic updates, and operational changes to continue its mission of advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They incorporate the SDGs into all areas of their work, including:

  • They have invested in faculty development workshops and a new sustainability scholars award for students.
  • Their online program pages information include the SDG icon related to the curriculum and activities of that study abroad program.
  • For events and marketing, they make informed decisions on reduction of plastic waste and shipping impacts and have prioritized local vendors for all material and catering needs.
  • They feature one SDG at each weekly staff meeting and now include reference to sustainable practices in all job postings.

“The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals represent a powerful framework for learning about and empathizing with the safe, just, and equitable advancement of our global society,” said Roger Brindley, Vice Provost, Penn State Global. “As Penn State strives to offer a breadth of accessible learning abroad opportunities, we’ve found it most important to establish clear linkages between our global educational experiences and the SDGs. This effort has also encouraged Penn State Global to find new and creative ways to weave sustainable practice and consciousness throughout our education abroad enterprise across the Commonwealth.”

Our Award for Advancing the UN SDGs through Education Abroad honors member institutions and organizations whose education abroad programs promote economic, environmental, and social sustainability. By recognizing members who have made significant progress towards the SDGs, The Forum hopes to inspire the field to contribute to a more sustainable future for all.Penn State Global was selected by a subcommittee of the Advancing the SDGs Working Group, chaired by Natalie Cox of Campus France. They will be acknowledged as the inaugural award recipient during The Forum’s 18th Annual Conference, “Globally Interconnected: New Opportunities and the Challenge of Change”, which will take place on March 21-25, 2022, in Chicago and online.

Special thanks to Authentica for sponsoring the Award!



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The Forum published its Guidelines for Advancing the UN SDGs through Education Abroad in 2021. These guidelines serve to direct the education abroad sector toward social, economic, and environmental sustainability by connecting the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad and the UN SGDs.


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