Check Out Our New Look!


In 2001, a group of passionate, dedicated education abroad colleagues manifested a novel idea: to create a stand-alone organization focused exclusively on education abroad. This collective effort—a forum, if you will—would support, educate, and provide leadership for the field. Thus, The Forum on Education Abroad was born.

Twenty years later, The Forum continues to thrive, constantly innovating, growing, and adapting. As the standards-setting organization for the field, The Forum has supported up to 850 member institutions; actively engaged hundreds of volunteers and partners; delivered countless conferences, events, and training opportunities; and developed invaluable resources to aid in meeting best practices. We work tirelessly to benefit our colleagues and to help improve education abroad: for students, staff, and faculty across the globe.

In The Forum’s 20th year, we’ve spent a significant amount of time reflecting on our identity and the future of the organization. We developed a new mission statement. We adopted an ambitious strategic plan that will allow us to expand our impact over the next seven years. We have strengthened The Forum’s leadership in health and safety; sustainability; equity, diversity, and inclusion; and more. We have advocated for and served the field of education abroad during a formidable global health challenge and an unprecedented stop to student mobility. The Forum continues to persist for, and because of, its members.

Just as our founders brought the organization to life 20 years ago, it’s time for a new beginning. With it, we are proud to present a new visual identity for The Forum, one that better represents our core values and matches our enthusiasm for the future. We hope that you will find our new logo to signify a global, inclusive, collaborative, and innovative entity that serves as a trusted standard in the education abroad field.

“We extend our deepest appreciation to our members and colleagues who contributed to our strategic planning and design processes, and to the countless individuals, institutions, and organizations who have helped The Forum become what it is today,” says President and CEO Melissa Torres. “It was important to us that The Forum’s new logo represent the organization’s commitment to community and inclusion. The intersections of spheres symbolize the many intersecting opportunities for discussion, collaboration, and shared learning that have been and will continue to be paramount to The Forum’s success.”

The future of The Forum and the field is bright, filled with hope, opportunity, and innovation. We look forward to many more years of living out The Forum’s mission with you: cultivating educators who champion high-quality education abroad experiences that ignite curiosity, impact lives, and contribute to a better world.

Stay tuned for changes to be reflected on our website, newsletter, and social media!