Language Study Abroad Alumni Profile: Antonia Zunarelli

Researchers at Penn State’s Center for Language Acquisition, The Forum on Education Abroad, and the American Councils for International Education have collaborated on a large-scale research project to explore the longitudinal effects of language learning and study abroad on career outcomes. The project, funded by the Department of Education’s International Research and Studies grant program, will share both survey results and alumni stories through academic publications, a general readership book, and Alumni Profiles.

Now Featuring: Antonia Zunarelli

Indiana University alumna Antonia Zunarelli shares her story of studying abroad in Italy and how it has impacted her personally and professionally throughout her career in events management.

“One of the biggest takeaways that I have is that I try to immerse myself in situation[s] that make me a participant as opposed to an onlooker… Let me be a part of that community, let me be a part of what you live and how you live it and why you live it.” – Antonia Zunarelli


Antonia was interviewed as a part of The Careers of Language Study Abroad Alumni: A Comprehensive Investigation, a project funded by the U.S. Department of Education and conducted by Celeste Kinginger, Kevin McManus, Robert W. Schrauf, and Jingyuan Zhuang (Penn State University’s Center for Language Acquisition), in partnership with The Forum on Education Abroad and The American Councils for International Education. Video produced by WPSU-TV.