The Forum to Offer Complimentary Crisis Management Consulting

The Forum is pleased to provide complimentary crisis management consulting to a limited number of Forum member institutions and organizations. The field of education abroad is facing unprecedented challenges, and the future is uncertain. Fortunately, The Forum has experienced risk management consultants available to help. Since we know that most offices are facing significant budget cuts, we are making it possible for a select group of Forum members to receive outside guidance from risk management professionals at no cost.

Forum consultants provide guidance related to:

  • Crisis debriefing and assessment of past crisis response efforts
  • Developing, implementing, or improving crisis management plans
  • Scenario planning
  • Program development with an eye to risk mitigation and crisis management
  • Developing sound decision-making protocols
  • Identifying reliable and relevant data and information sources to inform your risk management and crisis response processes
  • Developing waivers, contractual agreements, and/or informed consent documents related to COVID-19 or other health, safety, and security issues
  • Elevated-risk destination reviews and approvals
  • Effective emergency communications
  • Identifying existing resources from which to leverage expertise
  • Guidance on identifying, strengthening, and maintaining a strategic network of on- and off-campus subject matter experts.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee including representatives from the Forum Board, Council, and staff. The selection of member organizations will be based on demonstrated financial need and urgency of current challenges. The Forum encourages applications from a diverse range of organizations, including:

  • Community colleges
  • HBCUs, TCUs, HSIs, AANAPISIs and other MSIs
  • State colleges and universities
  • One-person offices
  • Program providers

Consultants will perform their work remotely, and meet with representatives from your organization via Zoom.

The application deadline for complimentary crisis management consulting was June 26, 2020.


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