Urgent: Contact government officials to request economic aid for international education

Dear Colleagues,

Earlier today, the U.S. Senate introduced a $1 trillion emergency economic aid proposal in response to the coronavirus pandemic. According to news reports, the proposal includes $300 billion to be used for loans to small businesses, as well as private nonprofit organizations.

Under this plan, businesses could take out loans from banks and lenders that would be guaranteed by the Small Business Administration. According to the proposal, those loans must be used to pay salaries, mortgage payments, other debt obligations and payroll support including health care benefits, and paid sick, medical and family leave.

It is imperative that you speak with your government relations officers as quickly as possible, or reach out directly and contact your state’s Congressional delegation to request that international education be included in this economic aid package. Please feel free to adapt this outreach template provided by CIEE’s Government & Public Affairs department, to your own specific circumstances.

We need as many voices as possible to be heard making the same request on behalf of international education in all its forms and for all its constituents.

Thank you,

Melissa Torres
President & CEO
The Forum on Education Abroad