New Certified Professional: Anita Casper

The Forum is pleased to announce that Anita Casper of Bucknell University successfully completed The Forum’s Professional Certification in Education Abroad Program. Anita joins colleagues who have effectively demonstrated the ability to articulate and apply the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad, and a commitment to professional excellence and ethical conduct.

Congratulations to Anita!

“In starting the certification process little did I know how rigorous the process would be nor how much I would gain from the program. The structured modules and final project prompted me to dig deeply into multiple aspects of education abroad programs. I found the member resources exciting tools that offer many opportunities for application at our institution. The modules and project encouraged meaningful examination of issues, reflection on various program models and institutional structures, greater knowledge of the dimensions of providing international education programs, and the critical synthesis and application of the materials. I love learning, and the Certification program provided the impetus to expand my knowledge and hone my skills. As my own international experiences shaped my life, I am particularly interested in structuring programs that provide supportive, cultural learning for participants while collaboratively involving faculty and the university in the creation of a sustainable framework. The program enabled me to gain a meaningful appreciation of the standards of international education and, through critical reflection, gain a thorough understanding of the best practices to enhance my work.” – Anita Casper