Education Abroad Field to Benefit from New Collaboration

The Forum on Education Abroad and The Global Leadership League have formed a partnership and will work collaboratively to benefit the education abroad field. By supporting each other’s organizations, The Forum and The League hope to better serve their members by developing new professional development opportunities and expanding access to resources in best practices. This cooperation is an extension of The Forum’s strategic plan of diversifying its membership and broadening the range of resources and training to meet the needs of the field.

As a priority, The Forum and The League will work together to develop workshops that draw on both organizations’ interests and expertise, and which address themes relevant to both of their audiences. The organizations are currently considering a co-facilitated workshop in 2020 about negotiation and with special emphasis on colleagues who may or may not be successfully utilizing the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad as part of negotiation at their campus. The League has also suggested an expansion of the basic negotiation practices of the Standards Workshop to include a self-awareness and emotional intelligence aspect to the negotiation process.

Forum President and CEO Melissa Torres is thrilled with the new partnership: “We are excited to partner with The Global Leadership League to advance the field of education abroad by bringing together two organizations committed to the professional development of people in our field. Through collaboration on workshops and events promoting dialogue and knowledge sharing, The League and The Forum will create dynamic, exciting opportunities focused on our members’ professional and personal success.”

Cynthia Banks, Executive Director for The Global Leadership League, looks forward to working more closely together: “These two organizations began a unique collaboration by co-hosting the 2018 Forum Conference Critical Dialogue on women’s leadership. This now formal partnership is a natural outcome as we both recognize the importance of supporting professionals in our field with strong skills-based leadership training for both new and more experienced leaders. Partnerships such as this one are critical in this fast-changing field.”

The Forum has recognized The Global Leadership League as a charitable member under its membership designations and The League will continue to have access to Forum sponsorship opportunities, online resources, and member discounts. The Global Leadership League has welcomed The Forum as an Advocate and to all of the benefits it entails.

About The Global Leadership League
The Global Leadership League is an award-winning professional organization in international education designed for women and their allies. We provide a platform for community, knowledge, and dialogue. Our goal is to create a vibrant, safe space to learn from each other and advance careers and the field.