Nominate Yourself to Serve on the Consensus Body

The Forum has convened the Standards Update Working Group with the intent of revising the current Standards of Good Practice for Education AbroadIn preparation for the 6th edition, the Standards Update Working Group has hosted listening sessions to give stakeholders (you!) the opportunity to provide feedback on the usefulness and applicability of the Standards in your work, how the Standards are being used, and areas for improvement to help guide the field. This feedback is vital to the Standards Update Working Group as they draft revisions to the Standards, and is still being collected via the online feedback form.

Another critical element of the process to update the Standards is the Consensus Body. This body is responsible for voting to approve all proposed revisions made by the Standards Update Working Group. The Consensus Body is made up of 50 members from diverse interest categories in the field:

  • U.S. higher education institutions
  • Higher education institutions outside of the U.S.
  • Education abroad providers
  • Professional associations
  • Service providers and charitable organizations
  • General interest members
  • Individuals from the governing bodies of The Forum

The membership term for the Consensus Body is five years, and all work will be done remotely with no travel required. The Forum anticipates that most of the activity for this very first Consensus Body will occur between June 2019 and July 2020.

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