Plenary Speaker for the 9th Annual Standards Institute: Michael Dennis O’Neill

The Forum is pleased to announce Michael Dennis O’Neill as the plenary speaker for the 9th Annual Standards of Good Practice InstituteBeyond the Basics of Health, Safety, Security and Risk Management. O’Neill is a recognized leader in international safety and security risk management having begun his professional career in 1995. He is a highly respected global thought leader and strategist in the development and professionalization of international NGO safety and security risk management.

Plenary Address: “Duty Bound”
University-sponsored education abroad programs take many forms. Whereas education abroad programs entail unique risks for faculty, employees and students, the University has a moral, ethical, and legal responsibility to understand the foreseeable risks and to put in place reasonable measures to mitigate these risks. This session explores with participants pragmatic and effective measures that Universities can put in place to meet their duty of care responsibilities by integrating risk management principles into education abroad program design and delivery; by empowering faculty and students to take responsible decisions through a better understanding of the complex environments in which they live, work, and study; and, by investing sufficient resources to develop innovative tools and systems that enable Universities to manage risks in support of rewarding and meaningful education abroad experiences.

O’Neill will deliver his Institute plenary address on June 20 at Arcadia University in Glenside, PA. Registration for the Institute will open on March 1.

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