14th Annual Conference
Building on Strong Foundations: Best Practices for an Evolving Field
March 21-23, 2018
Sheraton Boston Hotel, Boston, MA

Each year, education abroad strives to adapt to shifting student populations, developments in higher education in the U.S. and internationally, and an evolving global landscape.

In this dynamic environment, widely-accepted standards provide a solid foundation, and the necessary tools to face new challenges.

As a community of practice, we have come to expect that we will gather, discuss, and cultivate best practices. Through critical dialogue, we reflect, rethink and reevaluate what we do, to improve education abroad for students, and for all stakeholders in education abroad.

The Forum’s 14th Annual Conference invited attendees to revisit the foundations of good practice, while elevating the discussion to address current realities of international education. Attendees engaged in substantive dialogue, and returned to their offices with concrete takeaways that support quality education abroad programs.

Critical Dialogues:

Critical DialogueEthics in Education Abroad
Hosted by Boston University
Facilitators: Neva Barker (Director of Study Abroad and Global Education, Scripps College), Andrea Custodi (Director of Academic Affairs and Strategic Initiatives, CET Academic Programs), Dan Dahlstrom (John R. Silber Professor of Philosophy, Boston University)
The Forum thanks Boston University for sponsoring the coffee service and CET Academic Programs for sponsoring the lunch.

Women & Leadership: Building Influence & Blazing a Path
Offered in collaboration with the Global Leadership League and hosted by Emerson College.
Facilitators: Francine Crystal (President, Crystal Clear Consulting), Cori Filson (Director, Off-Campus Study & Exchanges, Skidmore College)
The Forum thanks Emerson College for sponsoring the coffee service and the Global Leadership League for sponsoring the lunch.

Pre-Conference Workshops:

Forum-AIEA Career Building Workshop: Education Abroad Administration as Preparation for Becoming a Senior International Officer
Brian Whalen (The Forum on Education Abroad); Darla Deardorff (Association of International Education Administrators); Penelope Pynes (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

Health, Safety, Security & Risk Management (Standard 8)
Brian Brubaker (The Pennsylvania State University)

Increasing Diversity in Study Abroad
Keshia Abraham (CIEE); Tonija Hope Navas (Howard University)

Overview of the Standards of Good Practice
Bradley Rink (University of the Western Cape); Jonathan Sylvia (Dartmouth College)

Program Resources, Policies & Procedures (Standards 6 & 7)
Kristen Mallory (Claremont McKenna College)

Mission, Ethics & Integrity (Standards 1, 9 & Code of Ethics)
David Shallenberger (SIT)

Student Learning, Development & Academic Framework (Standards 2 & 3)
Kline Harrison (Wake Forest University)

Student Selection, Preparation, Code of Conduct & Returning Support (Standards 4 & 5)
Tynelle Stewart (University of Rochester); Mandy Brookins Blinn (DePauw University)

Opening Plenary Speaker: Angélique Kidjo

Three-time Grammy Award-winning singer, activist, and humanitarian, Angélique Kidjo, delivered her Opening Plenary Address, Education is Hope: Investing in the Future, on Wednesday, March 21.

Angelique Kidjo, Opening Plenary Speaker in Boston 2018

2018 Peter A. Wollitzer Advocacy Award Recipient:
Dr. Kathleen Sideli of Indiana University

Martha Johnson, Kathy Sideli, and Mary Dwyer

Session Materials:

THURSDAY, MARCH 22 | 8:45-10 A.M.

Becoming (Better) Allies and Advocates for Students of Marginalized Identities: In Policy, Programming and Personal Practice»
Christine Kelly-Vereda (Consortium for Advanced Studies Abroad (CASA) – Granada); Davina Potts (University of Melbourne, Global Leadership and Employability); Christine Lee (Student, Brown University); Shay Collins (Brown University)

Best Practice Laboratory
This is a new type of conference session: a direct exchange of exemplary practices. In the Best Practice Laboratory, we are diving in at the operations level, and presenting individual best practice examples to build education abroad’s community of shared knowledge.

Business Deal or Educational Partnership? Towards Guiding Principles for Providers and Education Abroad Offices Collaborating on Short-Term Faculty-Led Programs»
Catherine Spaeth (Seminars International); Lisa Chieffo (University of Delaware)

Exporting Gen Z: A New Wave of Challenges and Opportunities for Studies Abroad»
Sara Dart (International Studies Abroad); Priya Sivaraj (The University of Sydney)

Practice Makes Programs: Increasing International Education Opportunities for Student-Athletes»
Krista Lane (Beyond Sports/Student-Athletes Abroad); Grant Leslie (Beyond Sports/Student-Athletes Abroad)

Results from the 2017 State of the Field Survey»
Julia Wheeler Ludden (DIS – Study Abroad in Scandinavia); Devin Foxall (The School for Field Studies); Melissa Whatley (University of Georgia); Roy Chan (Indiana University Bloomington)

Conference attendees discussing critical issues

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Best Practices for the University Travel Community
Brooke Galloway (International Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Consultant); Bill Frederick (Lodestone Safety International)

Telling Your Global Story: Leveraging Study Abroad Experience in Global Career Development»
Allison Pirpich (New York University); Samantha LaCroix (EUSA); Ren Herring (PWC); Eric Sneddon (NYU London)

Urban Blues: The Metropolitan University, Non-Traditional Students, and Critical Literacies
Chris Deegan (University of Illinois at Chicago); John Coumbe-Lilley (University of Illinois at Chicago); Andrea Custodi (CET Academic Programs)

THURSDAY, MARCH 22 | 10:45 A.M.-12 P.M.

Alumni Research: A Longitudinal Study and Its Impact for Current Practices
Paul Watson (AIFS Study Abroad); Richard Rexeisen (University of St. Thomas); Gary Rhodes (California State University, Dominguez Hills); Lisa Loberg (California Lutheran University)

Attracting Native and African-American Students to Education Abroad – Successes and Failures»
Zach Tobin (Northern Arizona University); Chad Hamill (Northern Arizona University); Frederick Gooding, Jr. (Northern Arizona University)

The Big Think – Gen Z Effect: The Six Forces Shaping the Future of Business, by Tom Koulopoulos and Dan Keldsen
Damien Marshall (AIFS Study Abroad) and Jason Kinnear (UNC at Chapel Hill)

Digital Badges as Innovation In Education Abroad Learning and Engagement
Chelsea Kindred (Academic Programs International [API]); Bradley Miner (University of Pittsburgh, College of Business Administration); Kenneth Yanes (John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY))

Expanding Access and Support for Students with Disabilities»
Sarah Langston (SAI Programs); Jenny Sullivan (Rochester Institute of Technology); Thandi Dinani (Belmont University); Edna Wilson (SAI Programs)

Non-Curricular Programming for Underrepresented Populations: Two Frameworks for Community Engagement»
Jane Kucko (University of Tulsa); John Singleton (Texas Christian University)

Undergraduate Research in Study Abroad: Ethics, Curriculum, and Trends
Ellen Reid (Learning Abroad Center, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities); Helle Rytkønen (DIS – Study Abroad in Scandinavia); Christine Anderson (Learning Abroad Center, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities)

We’re So Vain, We Probably Think This Program’s About Us: Decolonizing Study Abroad»
Betsy Brewer (Beloit College); Julie Ficarra (SUNY Cortland); Roger Adkins (Gustavus Adolphus College)
Selected texts»  Schematic»


Adapting Travel Policies to the new US Department of State Travel Advisory and Alert System
Patrick Morgan (University of Michigan); Deborah Kim (Wheaton College [IL]); Todd Holmes (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Kathleen Opel (University of Notre Dame)

Coming Out and Coming Back, 15 Years Later
Andy Dunlap (Elizabethtown College)

Ethical Engagement With Host Communities: Partners, Participants, Privilege
Caroline Donovan White (NAFSA); Rob Hallworth (IES Abroad); Jason Kinnear (UNC Chapel Hill)

“Relaxed Readiness”: Vigilance and Preparation When Studying Abroad with Food Allergies»
Michele Tomseth (Linfield College); Liz Mach (Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University); Jennifer Jobrack (Food Allergy Research & Education [FARE])

THURSDAY, MARCH 22 | 1:45-3 P.M.

Best Practices in Short-Term Program Development and Management»
Whitney Strickler (University of North Carolina at Charlotte); Whitney Longnecker (Texas Tech University); Jenna Garchar (CIEE); Sharon Gosz (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee)

Establishing a Successful First-Year Semester Abroad: From Initial Idea to Three Years of Happy Students
Tracy Weber (University of California – Berkeley); Elizabeth Terry (CIEE Global Institute – London)

Global Learning: Are We Achieving Our Goals? Outcomes in Healthcare Education
Paula DiBiasio (Elon University); Heidi Eigsti (Regis University); Jennifer Audette (University of Rhode Island)

Great Expectations: Theirs and Ours – How to Meet Students Somewhere Between Where They Are and Where We Want Them to Be»
Melissa Hardin (Ursinus College); Rebecca Bergren (Gettysburg College); Janice Finn (Arcadia University); Margaret Wiedenhoeft (Kalamazoo College)

Helping Students Navigate Difficult Conversations While Abroad: Discussing the Current U.S. Political Landscape»
Helen Newman (New York University); Kristina Gallagher (Pace University); Rebecca James (CEA Study Abroad)

Workshop photo

The Impact of Semester-Long Study Abroad on College Students with Learning Disabilities»
Kevin Murphy (University of New Haven, Tuscany Campus); Shelly Chandler (Beacon College); Linda Copney-Okeke (University of New Haven); José Alvarez (CEA Study Abroad)

International Privacy Laws: Those New EU Data Protection Regulations Do Apply to You!»
William Hoye (IES Abroad); Gian Franco Borio (Association of American College and University Programs in Italy)

Managing Changes and Trends in High Risk Behaviors and Issues: An Innovative Collaboration»
Mikaela Terry (Northern Arizona University); Michelle Cobb (Universities Studies Abroad Consortium [USAC])

Updates from the Forum Council Review Taskforce»
Nick Gozik (Boston College; Chair, Forum Council); Forum Council Review Taskforce Members

THURSDAY, MARCH 22 | 3:45-5 P.M.

Assessment, Evaluation and Case Studies: Can’t Get No Satisfaction»
Steve Bell (Old Dominion University); David Shallenberger (SIT); Melissa Torres (Global Vision International)

Comprehensive Internationalization for Liberal Arts Colleges: Re-Imagining the Model
Kate Patch (Grinnell College); Betsy Brewer (Beloit College); Margaret Wiedenhoeft (Kalamazoo College)

The Costs of Partnership: Fostering Ethical Resource-Sharing Practices in Education Abroad
Alice Lesnick (Bryn Mawr College); Hannah Bahn (University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service); Cara Lane-Toomey (Where There Be Dragons); Aaron Slosberg (Where There Be Dragons)

Education Abroad in Uncertain Times: Case Study Cuba»
Erika Ryser (The Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University); Prema Samuel (Sarah Lawrence College); Anne Hulse (University of Tennessee, Knoxville); Anna Santiago (Student, Colgate University)

Education Abroad Programs May Be the Worst Place for Intercultural Learning: Considering the “Third Culture” Within Education Abroad Groups»
David Wong (Michigan State University); Naomi Kagawa (Shimane University); Heather Shea (Michigan State University)

Practical Risk Management: Dealing with Emotional and Mental Health Abroad»
Gary Robinson (Hartwick College); Mark Ritchie (International Sustainable Development Studies Institute [ISDSI])

Quality, Creativity and Eagerness: Successful Models to Partner with Faculty on Study Abroad Program Development»
Lucía Conte (Universitat Pompeu Fabra); Yasmin Fischdick (Freie Universität Berlin European Studies Program [FU-BEST]); Dorothee Mackowiak (Freie Universität Berlin International Summer and Winter University [FUBiS])

Smart Financing: Strategies to Make Study Abroad Affordable»
Bridget Burgoyne (EF College Study Tours); Michele Elmer (Murray State College); Carolyn Becker (Texas Woman’s University)

FRIDAY, MARCH 23 | 9:15-10:30 A.M.

Alcohol: Research Driven Responses to Moderate Behavior»
Dru Simmons (The Ohio State University); Eric Pedersen (RAND Corporation)

Back to Basics: The Academic Foundation of Education Abroad – Four Innovative Examples of Academic and Research Programs»
Rosa Almoguera (CEU Universities); Christine Kelly-Vereda (Consortium of Advanced Studies (CASA) Granada); Hannah Hopkins Kilgore (Trinity College Dublin); Juanjo Romero-Marín (Consortium of Advanced Studies (CASA) Barcelona)

Faculty as Global Learners:Investigating the Impact of Leading Study Away Programs»
Joan Gillespie (Associated Colleges of the Midwest); Prudence Layne (Elon University); Dana Gross (St. Olaf College)

Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad Presents…
Amelia Dietrich (The Forum on Education Abroad); Julie Ficarra (SUNY Cortland); Ifeyinwa Onyenekwu (Rutgers University); Julianne Marie Angeli (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Curating Cartographies of Knowledge:Reading Institutional Study Abroad Portfolio as Text»

Providing Engineering Students the (Curriculum) Map to Overseas Treasure
Kristin Johnson (University of Sydney); Mark Connellan (Boston University Sydney Centre); Solomon Eisenberg (Boston University)

Shaping Expectations: Best Practices for Advising in International Internships»
Kelly Holland (Global Experiences); Kim Suellau (Miami University, Farmer School of Business); Ellen Leggett (University of Southern California)


Stand & Deliver: Standing Against Hate and Delivering Support for Study Abroad Students»
Ike Mohar (Foundation for International Education; University of Southampton); Olivia Ghiz (College of Charleston)

To Protect and Preserve: Applying Best Practices from Sustainable Tourism and Heritage Tourism to Study Abroad»
Vanessa Walton (Learning Abroad Center, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities); Erica Qualheim (Learning Abroad Center, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities); Mark Ritchie (International Sustainable Development Studies Institute [ISDSI])

FRIDAY, MARCH 23 | 11:15 A.M.-12:30 P.M.

The Aftermath: How to Provide Effective Support to Students Following a Crisis Abroad»
Ryan DeStefano (On Call International); Michelle Colosimo (Black Swan); Marcia Henisz (Drexel University)

Creating Accessibility to See More Students Engage Globally: Diversifying Study Abroad Program Models to Include Embedded Courses»
Adam Henry (Arizona State University); Brian Brubaker (The Pennsylvania State University); Joe Stanley (Simmons College)

Exploring Uncomfortable Pedagogy: When the Experiential Learning Meets Discomfort of Students»
Neringa Bigailaite Vendelbo (DIS – Study Abroad in Scandinavia); Michelle McCauley (Middlebury College); Stacey Woody Thebodo (Middlebury College)

Inclusive Excellence: Including the On-Site Staff»
Jessica Francis (Wake Forest University); Shayla Herndon-Edmonds (Wake Forest University)

Strength-Testing Our Foundations: Which Will Hold?
Michael Woolf (CAPA The Global Education Network); Annmarie Whalen

Student Mortality Abroad: Insights from Insurance Claims Data»
Steve Erfle (Dickinson College); Amelia Dietrich (The Forum on Education Abroad)

Taking It to the Next Level: Making the Most Out of Your Student Ambassador Team»
Camila Nardozzi (Harvard University); Nicole Garcia (Harvard University); Susan Evans (Yale Univesity); Chris Hirschler (Monmouth University)

Using the Standards as a Roadmap for Improving Education Abroad Practices»
Erika Ryser (The Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University); Diana Arizaga (The Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University); Kelsey Schultz (Macalester College); Jen Hamlow (Portland State University)

FRIDAY, MARCH 23 | 2:15-3:30 P.M.

Assessing the Long-Term Impact of Study Abroad on Business Students’ Cultural Intelligence»
Kirsten Canterbury (University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management); Kate Diamond (University of Minnesota); Anne D’Angelo (University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management)

Empowering Students to Manage Their Health Abroad: Three Institutional Approaches»
Patrick Morgan (University of Michigan); Jason Hope (University of Kentucky); Andrea Drake (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

Key Moments in the History of Best Practices in Education Abroad: Insights From Past Sessions to Past Polemics, 1960-Present
Michael Nelson (Barcelona SAE); Jason Kinnear (University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill); Tom Howard (Howard Educational Services)

Moving Training beyond Logistics, Health & Safety: Student Development and Inclusion for Faculty Leaders 
Malaika Serrano (International Studies Abroad); April Stroud (Mount Holyoke College); Emily Gorlewski (Wesleyan University)
Handout 1»  Handout 2»

New Developments with The Forum’s Critical Incident Database»
Natalie A. Mello (The Forum on Education Abroad)

Selecting the “Right” Faculty for Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs»
Maxwell Semler (EF College Study Tours); Carolyn Becker (Texas Woman’s University); Michele Elmer (Murray State College)
Toolkit handout»

Supporting More than the Student: Engagement Opportunities With the Family»
Zachary Frieders (University of California, Davis); Lauren Easterling (University of Washington); Yosefa Gilon (Stanford University); Staci Hagen (University of California, Davis)

You Will Return Home a Different Person: Short-term Immersion in Ugandan Journalism Covering HIV/AIDS
Jim Kelly (Indiana University)

Host Institutions:

Arcadia University, The College of Global Studies
BCA Study Abroad
Bentley University
Boston University
Bryant University
CAPA The Global Education Network
Center for University Programs Abroad (CUPA)
Colby College
Consortium for Advanced Studies Abroad
CYA (College Year in Athens)
Dartmouth College
EPA Internships in Europe
EUSA – Academic Internship Experts
Hobart and William Smith CollegesPhoto of exhibit hall
Humber College
Lehigh University
Middlebury College
Northeastern University
Providence College
Regis College
Roger Williams University
Sarah Lawrence College
SEA Semester
Studio Art Centers International (SACI)
Suffolk University
SUNY New Paltz
Syracuse University
Temple University
Tremont Global Education
Tufts University
University of Massachusetts – Amherst
University of Scranton
Wheaton College (MA)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Conference Committee:

John Tansey, Dartmouth College (Chair)
Sue Jackson, Whitworth University (Past Chair)
Janet Alperstein, New York University
Maria Jose Angel Mex, Lorenzo de’ Medici
Carolyn Becker, Texas Woman’s University
Chris Carroll, Florida State University
David Crisci, Regis College
Alanna Dick, Education New Zealand
Timothy Lynn Elliott, Brigham Young University
Caroline Enright, Dublin City University
Lili Folsom, Lodestone Safety International
Darren Gallant, Brandeis University
Emily Gorlewski, Wesleyan University
Cara Lane-Toomey, Where There Be Dragons
Lisabeth Lassiter, The University of Texas at Dallas
Gareth McFeely, Boston University
Katie Sievers, College Year in Athens
Leslyn Tonge, University of the Virgin Islands
Tracy Weber, University of California Berkeley
Marcy Yeager, Northern Essex Community College