Forum Announces New Competency Credentials

Competency Credentials represent advanced professional development based on the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad. A Competency demonstrates that you have done more than attend workshops; it signifies that you are able to articulate and apply the Standards for the field. As a competency earner, you will gain confidence in your knowledge of the Standards, understand how to examine your institution/organization’s practices based upon the Standards, and develop ways to improve those practices. Finally, by utilizing the digital badge issued upon completion you will differentiate yourself in the field by clearly communicating the skills it represents.

If you have attended a Standards Workshop since 2015, you are already on your way to earning a Competency Credential. And, if you are currently enrolled in the Professional Certification in Education Abroad program you will earn competency credentials as you progress through the program.

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Digitial badges for Competency Credentials: Foundations of Good Practice, Fundamentals of Student Preparation and Risk Management, and Principles of Program Development and Administration