Plenary Speaker Announced for the 8th Annual Standards Institute on Health & Safety

The Forum is pleased to announce Mario Vittone as the plenary speaker for the 8th Annual Standards of Good Practice Institute: Beyond the Basics of Health, Safety, Security and Risk Management. Vittone is a former U.S. Coast Guard helicopter rescue swimmer and accident investigator. He is a leading expert on immersion hypothermia, drowning, sea survival, and safety at sea. His writing has appeared in Yachting Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, and Reader’s Digest. He is a recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross for extraordinary heroism, the Alex Hailey Award for journalism, and was also named as the U.S. Coast Guard Enlisted Person of the Year.

Vittone will deliver his Institute plenary, “Asking the Right Questions – How Safe Organizations Get That Way,” on June 22 at the University of Texas, Austin.

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