13th Annual Conference
Creating and Sustaining the Education Abroad Continuum
March 29-31, 2017
The Westin Seattle, Seattle, WA

The Forum’s 13th Annual Conference focused on the student’s education abroad experience.

Ideally, the education abroad experience is a continuum that begins long before the student arrives in the host country and carries on after their return, integrating the academic and experiential, supported by fair policies and ethical programming. While this ideal of a continuum may not be the reality for all students, education abroad can take practical steps toward achieving it.

  • How can students make connections between their experience abroad and their lives at home—before, during, and after their time abroad?
  • How can we facilitate the integration of the education abroad experience into students’ personal development, academic curriculum, and future career?
  • What can we do to ensure that we alongside our students build reciprocal relationships with the host community that are respectful, sustainable, and mutually beneficial?
  • What strategies can we use to identify and address existing gaps in the continuum, which may occur before, during, or after the education abroad experience?

Opening Plenary:

Award-winning author, poet, and screenwriter Sherman Alexie delivered his plenary address, “Security, Sovereignty, Selfishness: How to be a 21st Century American Nomad.”

Session Materials:

THURSDAY, MARCH 30 | 8:45-10 A.M.

Beyond Re-Entry: Strategies for Bringing the Global University Community Local
Lauren Easterling (University of Washington); Megan Grover (Pacific Lutheran University); Caine Francis (Oregon State University)

Championing Inclusion: Paving the Way for Students with Disabilities Abroad
Ashley Holben (Mobility International USA); Gina Lopardo (Seattle University); Alex Stone (Student, School for International Training)

Continuum Interrupted: Misconceptions, Challenges and Successful Strategies of Immersion Programs
Jose B. Alvarez (CEA Study Abroad);

From High School to College to Real World: Education Abroad and the Surprising Path of Generation Z
Adam Rubin (International Education Consultant); Lisa Donatelli (LiDon Inc.); Noah Zeichner (Chief Sealth International School); Janelle Papay (Elon University)

Global Education in a Troubled World: Negotiating New Alliances
Mary Dwyer (IES Abroad); Hannah Stewart-Gambino (Lafayette College); Margaret Plympton (National Endowment for the Humanities); Kristen Mallory (Claremont McKenna College)

Inclusive Excellence and the Standards: A Discussion of Integrating Inclusive Practices
Michelle Tolan (Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University); Alma Clayton-Pedersen (Emeritus Consulting Group LLC, Association of American Colleges and Universities); Members of The Forum’s Inclusive Excellence Working Group

Integrating Cultural Learning into Academics
Helle Rytkonen (DIS – Study Abroad in Scandinavia); Michelle Janning (Whitman College)

Mental Health Strategies for Study Abroad: Prevention, Early Intervention and Response
Bill Frederick (Lodestone Safety International); Gary Robinson (P3 Mental Health Advisors, LLC)

Teachable Moments: Service Learning as a Means Towards Student Engagement, Development and Compassion
Megan Leff (IES Abroad); Rachel Helwig (BCA Study Abroad); Gianni Ponti (IES Abroad Rome); Robert Kruger (BCA Study Abroad – Xalapa)

THURSDAY, MARCH 30 | 10:45 A.M.-12 P.M.

An Advisor Toolkit: Connecting with LGBTQ+ Students Throughout the Study Abroad Experience
Maria Segala (Boston College); Seth Weil (BCA Study Abroad); Ana Rosa Garcia Covaria (Georgia Institute of Technology)

The Big Think: “Why Teach?” by Mark Edmundson
Jason Kinnear (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill); Damien Marshall (AIFS Study Abroad); David English (Study Abroad Mendoza)

Complying with Title IX Abroad
William Hoye (IES Abroad); Julie Anne Friend (Northwestern University)

Developing and Communicating a Sustainable Institutional Philosophy Regarding Vetting and Approval of Non-Credit, Non-Institutional Student Experiences Abroad
Liz Greenfeld (Georgetown University); Daniela Ascarelli (Drexel University); Patrick Morgan (University of Michigan); Carri Orrison (Global Experiences)

Faculty as Global Learners: Strategies to Enhance the Transformative Impact of Leading Off-Campus Programs
Joan Gillespie (Associated Colleges of the Midwest); Dana Gross (St. Olaf College); Prudence Layne (Elon University)

Follow Students’ Lead or Show Students the Way? Argument for the Ages
Alison LaLond Wyant (Arcadia University); Brian Brubaker (The Pennsylvania State University); Amy Lancaster (Wofford College)

The Language Flagship Model: Collaborations to Produce the Global Professional
Jeff Cary (Institute of International Education); Dianna Murphy (University of Wisconsin – Madison, Russian Flagship Center); Laura Hammond (University of Wisconsin – Madison, South Asia Summer Language Institute); Armine Saryan (American Councils for International Education)

The New York Times in the Study Abroad Curriculum
Kandace Rusnak (The New York Times)

Political Climate Change: The Challenges of Being a U.S. Student Abroad in 2017
Jose B. Alvarez (CEA Study Abroad); Kendall Brostuen (Brown University); Robin Craggs (Occidental College); Mark Odenwelder (Fundación Centro de Estudios Interamericanos (CEDEI))

Welcome Home, Now What? Making Meaning of the Study Abroad Experience
Jacqueline Klein (NYU Shanghai); Laura Cheng (NYU Shanghai); Paige Levesque (NYU Shanghai); Malina Webb (NYU Shanghai)


The European Association of Study Abroad: Where Are We Going? New Frontier
Gian Franco Borio (AACUPI); Alexis Phylactopoulos (CYA)

Professional Development Through the Professional Certification in Education Abroad Program
Carla Maranto-Arnold (The Forum on Education Abroad); Natalie A. Mello (The Forum on Education Abroad)

Two-Year Institutions: Engaging, Empowering, and Advocating
Tracey Bradley (Pellissippi State Community College)

Update on Student Protests and Developments in South African Higher Education
Mamokgethi Phakeng (University of Cape Town)

THURSDAY, MARCH 30 | 1:45-3 P.M.

Congratulations, You’re Accepted! Exploring First Year Study Abroad Program Models and Their Alignment with Institutional Goals
Jaclyn Daddona (Arcadia University); Lindsey Lahr (University of Minnesota – Twin Cities); Sue Mennicke (Franklin and Marshall College)

The “Hidden” Value of Research in Education Abroad
Nelson Brunsting (Wake Forest University); Kline Harrison (Wake Forest University)

Intercultural Learning As Bridge Between Study Away and Study at Home
David Imhoof (Susquehanna University); Lillian Read (Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University)

Listening to Students: What They Say About Preparing to Study Away/Study Abroad
Scott Manning (Susquehanna University); Lynette Bikos (Seattle Pacific University); Zachary Frieders (University of California – Davis

Moving the Field Forward: Work of the Forum Council and Committees
Nick Gozik (Boston College; Chair, Forum Council); Forum Council Members

The New F Word(s): Rethinking Access in the 21st Century
Eduardo Contreras (The University of Portland); Sara Spiegler (Georgia Institute of Technology); Trixie Cordova (Diversity Abroad)

Practical Risk Management: Using Scenario Training with Students and Leaders to Teach Judgement and Responsibility
Mark Ritchie (International Sustainable Development Studies Institute (ISDSI)); Jonas Emery (International Sustainable Development Studies Institute (ISDSI))

Research into Action: Implications of Student Identity for Education Abroad
Elaine Meyer-Lee (Agnes Scott College); Karen Chambers (Saint Mary’s College); Susan Goldstein (University of Redlands); Janelle Peifer (Agnes Scott College)

Student Learning in Short Term Education Abroad: Introducing New Measures of Global Engagement
Anthony Ogden (Michigan State University); Lisa Chieffo (University of Delaware); Eric Hartman (Haverford College)

THURSDAY, MARCH 30 | 3:45-5 P.M.

Applying Positive Psychology to the Study Abroad Experience
Jaime Kurtz (James Madison University); Joseph Harder (University of Virginia)

Back to the Future: Heritage Identity in the Study Abroad Setting
Jonathan Kaplan (Rothberg International School, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem); Bradley (BJ) Titus (University of Minnesota, Learning Abroad Center); Cristina Sosa (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)

Beyond Abroad: Continuing the Abroad Experience at Home and into the Future
Deborah Lake (University of Maryland); Mory Pagel (SIT Study Abroad/School for International Training); Jeff Cary (Institute of International Education)

Connecting the Dots: Integrating Learning Abroad and Career Skills Through ePortfolios
Ann Hubbard (AIFS Study Abroad); Helena Kaufman (Carleton College); Paloma Rodriguez (University of Florida)

From “Not in My Backyard” to “My Neighbor Across the Pond”: Using Our Embrace of Host-Communities to Look at Injustice in Our Lives at Home
Stacey Williams (Pacific Discovery); John Loggins (University of San Diego, Mulvaney Center for Community, Awareness and Social Action)
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Internationalizing the Schoolhouse: Contributions of International Teaching Internships to the Education Abroad Continuum
Gabrielle Malfatti (University of Missouri); Girish Ballolla (Gen Next Education, Inc.); Christina Hendrix (Kansas City Public Schools)

Non-Credit Education Abroad (NCEA): Redefining Education and Building Capacity
Ola Mahmoud (Institute of International Education); Annmarie Whalen (The Forum on Education Abroad); Suzanne Droleskey (Texas A&M University); Brook J. Blahnik (University of Minnesota – Twin Cities)

Survivor-Centered Response to Sexual Violence
Stacey Tsantir (DIS – Study Abroad in Scandinavia); Julie Anne Friend (Northwestern University); Mark Hayes (American University); Landes Holbrook (Brigham Young University)

FRIDAY, MARCH 31 | 9:15-10:30 A.M.

Access Denied? Examining Parent Roles in Enhancing Student Development Through the Study Abroad Continuum
Kira Espiritu (University of San Diego); Paige Butler (Middlebury Institute of International Studies); Sara Troy (CEA Study Abroad)
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Dive Deep: Maximizing Non-Traditional Study Abroad Experiences
Carolyn Gibson (Villanova University); Amy Burrows (SIT Study Abroad); Kaitie Brown (Lafayette College))

Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad Presents…
Christine Anderson (University of Minnesota); Greg Downey (Macquarie University); Tonia Gray (Western Sydney University); Victor Savicki (Western Oregon University); Amelia Dietrich (Frontiers Journal; The Forum on Education Abroad)

The Intersection of Appreciative Advising and Inclusive Excellence: Using a Personalized, Strengths-Based Approach to Equitably Advise and Facilitate Student Success Abroad
Michelle Tolan (Institute For Study Abroad, Butler University); Kevanne Monkhouse (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI))

The Mission of Global Citizenship: The Process of Developing a Credential That Fits Your Campus
Jane Kucko (University of Tulsa); Tracy Williams (Texas Christian University); Annie Nguyen (York College of Pennsylvania)

Partnering with the On-Campus Professor: Engaging Returnees in the Everyday Classroom
Brenda Burns (Saint Martin’s University); Giustina Pelosi (CEA Study Abroad); Tiffany Artime (Pacific Lutheran University)

Study Abroad Curriculum Integration: Roadblock or Opportunity for Innovation?
Elizabeth Brewer (Beloit College); Giselda Beaudin (Rollins College); Michael Woolf (CAPA The Global Education Network)

Sustainable Study Abroad: Partnership Models for Reciprocity
Erika Ryser (Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University); Daniel Bryan (Pachaysana Institute); Mandy Brookins Blinn (DePauw University); Ivan Villasboa (CoCoDA)

Tech-Enhanced Pre-Departure Orientations: First Steps and Best Practices
Zachary Klim (NYU Steinhardt); Alexandra Wood (CIEE); Kate Manni (The Pennsylvania State University)

FRIDAY, MARCH 31 | 11:15 A.M.-12:30 P.M.

Advising is Sales and Outreach is Marketing: How to Do It Ethically
Zachary Tobin (Northern Arizona University); Samantha Martin (Via TRM)

Beyond Cultural Difference as Problem: Fostering the Unique Potential in Intercultural Collaborative Work
David Wong (Michigan State University); Naomi Kagawa (Shimane University)

Emergency Response for Today’s New Tragic Realities: Preparing, Not Scaring
Cory Smith (University of Cincinnati); Rich Kurtzman (Barcelona Study Abroad Experience (SAE))

The Forum Standards Committee: Connecting Short-Term Program Leaders with the Standards
Brian Brubaker (The Pennsylvania State University; Chair of The Forum’s Standards Committee); Stacy Fischer (Drew University), Mark Odenwelder (Fundación Centro de Estudios Interamericanos (CEDEI); Newell Wright (North Dakota State University)

From Emerging to Independent Adults: Fostering Student Resilience & Responsibility Abroad
Monique Fecteau (Wellesley College in Aix-en-Provence); Leslie Ray (Psychotherapist); Thomas Roman (IFE – Institute for Field Education)

Making the Case for Innovative Returnee Programming: From Theory to Practice
Chelsea Kindred (Academic Programs International); Angela Manginelli (AIFS Study Abroad); Karen Eisenhut (Point Loma Nazarene University); Beth Laux (University of Utah)
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New Advice for an Old Problem: Gutsy Strategies with Pre-Health Students
Tricia Todd (University of Minnesota, Health Careers Center & School of Public Health); Ellen Reid (University of Minnesota, Learning Abroad Center)

Supervisor Toolkit: Managing and Developing Education Abroad Professionals
Mandy Brookins Blinn (DePauw University); Martha Johnson (University of Minnesota); Jennifer Schepers (DePauw University)

Understanding the Education Abroad Continuum for Undocumented Students: Successful Practices for Inclusive Excellence
Paige Butler (Middlebury Institute of International Studies); Meggan Madden (George Washington University)
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FRIDAY, MARCH 31 | 2:15-3:30 P.M.

Connecting Study Abroad to Career Planning
Matthew Janus (CEA Study Abroad); Tracy Weber (University of California – Berkeley); Randeep Kular (University of California – Berkeley)

Creating Access and Inclusivity for Students on the Autism Spectrum Before, During and After Their Short-Term Study Abroad Experience
Peg Alden (Landmark College); Andy Donahue (Landmark College)

Enhancing the Study Abroad Experience with Online Intercultural Learning
Ryan Richards (CIEE); Elsa Maxwell (CIEE); Bert Vercamer (Sentio, Inc.)

Living Life on the Edge (Of the World): Student Risk-Taking Behavior and the Continuum of Concern
Jane Gunn-Lewis (Arcadia University); Eric Leinen (University of Minnesota); Simon Chu (University of Otago)

Personal Reflection, Purposefully Shared: Techniques for Enhancing Learning and Development Along the Continuum
Meghan Ozaroski (Northwestern University, Global Engagement Studies Institute (GESI)); Ariel Maschke (University of Chicago, School of Social Service Administration); Danielle Littman (University of Chicago, School of Social Service Administration)

Urban Laboratories: Pedagogies for Critical Global Citizenship
Hana Cervinkova (Syracuse University); Juliet Golden (Syracuse University)

Vision, Values, Goals: The Forum’s Strategic Plan 2017-2021
Mary Anne Grant (Forum Board Chair); Annmarie Whalen (The Forum on Education Abroad)

Women in Leadership: How to Prepare for Difficult Conversations
Kris Holloway (CISabroad); Natalie A. Mello (The Forum on Education Abroad); Kim McGrath (Webster University)

Host Institutions:

Brigham Young University
Lewis & Clark College
Linfield College
Montana State University
Seattle University
South India Term Abroad
University of Utah
University of Washington
Washington State University
Whitman College
Whitworth University

Conference Committee:

Sue Jackson, Whitworth University (Chair)
Lee Sternberger, James Madison University (Past Chair)
Michelle Durán-Ruiz, Spanish Studies Abroad
Jim Forkin, University of California, Davis
Anne Haberkern, Portland Community College
Jennifer Hamlow, Portland State University
Barbara Hoffman, Whitman College
Grace Johnson, The Ohio State University
Jonathan Kaplan, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Chris Lawrance, University of Sydney
Gina Lopardo, Seattle University
Peter Moran, University of Washington
Alex Neff, Accès Study Abroad
Lisa Sapolis, Colgate University
Jewell Winn, Tennessee State University