12th Annual Conference
Navigating the Intersections: The Cultures of Education Abroad
April 6-8, 2016
Atlanta, GA


Opening Plenary:

“Study Abroad: The Triumph of the Commons | Demanding the Impossible,” featuring Nico Jooste of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University


Session Materials:

An Update on the State of the Field
Kristen Mallory, chair (Claremont McKenna College) and members of The Forum Council Data Committee

Assessing How We Use the 5th Edition Standards
Mark Lenhart (CET Academic Programs); Michelle Gere (Yale University); Adam Rubin (CIEE)

Athletes Abroad: A Study of Student Athletes’ Participation in Susquehanna University’s Global Opportunities Program
David Imhoof (Susquehanna University); Christina Dinges (Susquehanna University); Jay Lemons (Susquehanna University)

Building Mutual Trust and Rapport: Navigating the Intersection of Administrators and Faculty in Short-Term Program Planning
Stina Dufour (NYU Steinhardt); Deborah Damast (NYU Steinhardt); Kelly Holland (Global Experiences)

Comfort Zones and Conflict Zones: Balancing the Act
Jonathan Kaplan (Rothberg International School, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem); Eryn Espín-Kudzinski (IFSA-Butler); Martha Johnson (Learning Abroad Center, University of Minnesota)

Controlled Conflict: Sports and Education Abroad
Joseph Stanley (Simmons College); Jeff Whitehead (University of Pittsburgh); Carrie Wojenski (Sacred Heart University); Mike Woolf (CAPA The Global Education Network)

Critical Thinking in an International Context
Giselda Beaudin (Rollins College); Katharine Krebs (Retired, Binghamton University)

The Culture and Structure of the Office of Global Programs: At the Intersection of Study Abroad and International Student and Scholar Services
Mark Hagen (Appalachian State University); Delores Blough (James Madison University); Lauren Franson (James Madison University); Adam Julian (Appalachian State University)

DACAmented Students Abroad: Creating Institutional Connections to Support Student Success
Nicole Desjardins Gowdy (Pomona College); Miriam Feldblum (Pomona College); Paula Gonzalez (Law Office of Paula Gonzalez); Erick Velasquez (Pomona College Student)

The Essential Role of Reflection: Navigating the Intersection between Student Development and Intercultural Learning
Nick Gozik (Boston College); Christine Anderson (University of Minnesota); Steven Duke (University of Nebraska); Larry Pickener (Boston College)

Framing the Intersections of Culture and Behavior: Choice Architecture in Education Abroad
Erik Kulke (Carthage College); Mark Eckman (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee); Rich Kurtzman (Barcelona SAE); Douglas Upton (Colleges of the Fenway)
Handout-Case Studies»
Handout-Useful Terminology»

How to Overcome Cultural Barriers to Internationalization of STEM Education and Develop Sustainable Partnerships»
Enda Carroll (University College Dublin); Beth Ehrsam (IFSA-Butler); Lauren Kettler (Northeastern University); Tadhg Ó Cróinín (University College Dublin)

Intersections of Fair Trade and Global Engagement: Pedagogies and Curriculum
Erika Ryser Garcia (IFSA-Butler); Richard Kiely (Cornell University); Anna McKeon (Better Volunteering, Better Care); Steve Sclar (Omprakash)

Keeping a Straight Poker Face: Managing Race and Politics Abroad
Lily Lopez-McGee (George Mason University); Robert Bennett III (Ohio State University); Tyra Beaman (Spelman College Student)

On-Site Directors: Thoughtfully and Effectively Coping with Culture
Christine Kelly-Vereda (Brown University Granada Program; CASA Granada); Maritheresa Frain (CIEE); Daniel Lumonya (SIT Study Abroad); John Lucas (ISEP)

Partnering to Boost Your Disability Inclusion Efforts
Michele Scheib (Mobility International USA); Emily Marczak (CIEE); Inemesit Williams (San Diego State University)
Podcast/Video Handout»
Questions to Consider»

The Place of “Culture” in Education Abroad: A Debate
Kris Lou (Willamette University); Scott Blair (Transnational Learning Consulting, LLC); Michael Woolf (CAPA The Global Education Network)

Study Abroad Programming: Good for One, Good for All?
John Wells (Arcadia University College of Global Studies); Steve Bell (Old Dominion University); Lori Johnson (Xavier University)

Teaching Rights»
Michael Woolf (CAPA The Global Education Network); Anna Armentrout (ISEP); Dennis Gordon (Santa Clara University)

Title IX: Update from The Forum’s Standards Committee Working Group
Jodi Malmgren (St. Olaf College); Julie Friend (Northwestern University); Anne Haberkern (Portland Community College); Mark Hayes (American University); Stacey Tsantir (DIS – Study Abroad in Scandinavia)
Title IX Draft Resource»

To Disclose or Not to Disclose? Communication with Partners Regarding On-Site Issues
Julia Ludden (DIS – Study Abroad in Scandinavia); Michelle Gere (Yale University); Bradley J. Titus (University of Minnesota)

Underrepresentation, Intersecting Identities, and Systemic Change
Erica Ledesma (Diversity Abroad); Lily Lopez-McGee (George Mason University)

When A Destination Becomes Dangerous
James Mulholland (Companion Community Development Alternatives); Jennifer Custer (Indiana University School of Medicine); Daniel Diaz (Guilford College); Ivan Villasboa (Companion Community Development Alternatives)