5th Edition of Education Abroad Standards Now Available

Cover-ForumEAStandards-2015The Forum on Education Abroad announces the publication of the 5th edition of the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad. Developed by the education abroad field, the Standards offer authoritative and comprehensive guidelines for the development, management, assessment and improvement of education abroad programming in order to make the experience as rewarding and meaningful as possible for students.

Allan Goodman, President and CEO of The Institute of International Education, commented on the new edition, stating, “The old adage ‘don’t leave home without it’ is surely true for this set of guidelines. The Standards that The Forum promotes and the advice it gives assures us all that when making international a part of your education, it will be a safe and high quality experience.”

The work to revise and update the Standards was spearheaded by The Forum’s Standards Committee, led by Standards Committee Chair Andrea Custodi (Alliance for Global Education) and Vice-Chair Mark Lenhart (CET Academic Programs). In the revision process drafts were open to Forum members and the public at large for comment, drawing a diversity of opinions and suggestions.

Custodi commented, “We are delighted to launch this newest edition of The Forum Standards, and are so grateful to the many colleagues who contributed to it. The new Standards represent the strength, confidence, and expertise of a mature field—they clearly set and articulate a high bar for quality in education abroad programming, yet at the same time serve the needs of a wide and diverse membership.” She added, “Together with the new, improved web interface for the Standards, we see the launch of this newest edition as combining the best ideals of our field with practical resources that capture the how-to of implementation. We look forward to seeing them guide and inform the development of the field for years to come.”

A new feature of this edition of the Standards is a dynamic, interactive web site that offers tools for users to navigate through multiple layers of content, ranging from broad principles and prompts for evaluation to essential expectations for implementing the Standards and best practice examples.

Vice-Chair Mark Lenhart commented on how the new edition of the Standards will be used: “As a study abroad practitioner, I am excited to put the 5th edition Standards to use: to train new staff, to review when we have questions, and to support our partnerships. With its concise language and new web interface, the new edition shouts ‘use me!’” He added, “We are grateful to the Standards Committee members for their hard work and contributions to the 5th Edition. The Standards truly reflect the diverse perspectives of members of our field and embodies the best of our collective efforts.”

Patti McGill Peterson, Presidential Advisor, Global Initiatives, Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement at The American Council on Education, described the release of the new edition of the Standards this way: “The Forum continues to be a respected leader in setting standards of practice and conduct for education abroad. In its 5th edition of the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad it focuses on the provision of high quality student learning opportunities in education abroad programs and provides advice on management, assessment and methods of improvement. Acting on its own advice, The Forum engages in continuous improvement by updating and revising The Forum Standards in response to rapidly growing and changing global engagement in higher education. The Forum deserves our profound appreciation for setting the bar for high quality education abroad.”

The Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad, 5th edition (2015) is available to the public. 11th Annual Conference attendees will receive a print copy in New Orleans, and institutional representatives not in attendance will receive a print copy in the mail.

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