Forum Launches New & Improved Quality Improvement Program (QUIP)

The Forum Launches New and Improved Quality Improvement Program (QUIP)

The Forum is pleased to announce that its Quality Improvement Program (QUIP) has been updated and enhanced in conjunction with the release of the 5th edition of the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad.

QUIP is the only objective, independent review system in education abroad, based on the field’s Standards of Good Practice. The new QUIP Review process remains based on the U.S. higher education accreditation model, involving a Self-Study, Peer Review, and Final Determination of whether an organization is in substantial conformity with the Standards. A determination of “yes” carries the most significant judgment available regarding the quality of education abroad programming. QUIP has been updated in the following ways:

  • Streamlined, more user-friendly process, maintaining objectivity and rigor,
  • Mapped to the concise new Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad, 5th ed. (2015),
  • Forum staff member now assigned to each review to offer support,
  • Enhanced recognition for institutions and organizations that complete QUIP successfully.

Learn More
Visit Forum Central at The Forum’s 11th Annual Conference in New Orleans next week to learn more about how your organization can become recognized for meeting the Standards, read about QUIP online, or call us +1 717-245-1031 to discuss QUIP with a member of The Forum staff.

Apply Now
Apply for a QUIP Review today and demonstrate to students, parents, and partners that your organization is committed to quality improvement.