11th Annual Conference
It Takes a Campus & More: The Faces of Education Abroad
March 25-27, 2015
New Orleans, LA


Opening Plenary:

“We Leave our Guns at the Door: The Essential Role of Higher Education,” featuring Robert Quinn of Scholars at Risk Network
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Session Materials:

Are You Being Served? Design and Assessment of International Short-Term Service-Learning Programs
Noel Habashy (Salisbury University); Kadian McIntosh (University of Arizona); Lincoln Gibbs (Salisbury University)

Assessment for Campus and Abroad: Why a Home-Grown Instrument May be the Best for Both
Lisa Chieffo (University of Delaware); David Rudd (Arcadia University); Rachel Romesburg Rice (IES Abroad)

Before, During and After: Enhancing Resilience in Students Engaging in International Experiences
Katie Lopez (University of Michigan School of Social Work); Todd K. Favorite (University of Michigan); Melissa Meyer (University of Michigan); Blake Wagner III (University of Michigan)

Beyond Anthropomorphic Definitions of Community: Sustainability and Environmental Justice in Study Abroad
Dennis Gordon (Santa Clara University); Anthony Gristwood (CAPA International); Edward Stashko (Organization for Tropical Studies); Michael Woolf (CAPA International Education)

The Big Think: Alone Together
Ann Hubbard (AIFS); Phil Anderson (University of St. Thomas); Brian Brubaker (IES Abroad); Emily Kane (Hobart and William Smith Colleges); Michelle Tolan (IFSA Butler)

But We Wanted a Real American! Homestays and Diversity
Anders Larsen (DIS-Danish Institute for Study Abroad); Kristen Mallory (Claremont McKenna College)

A Campus-wide Collaboration: Increasing Employability through International Experience and Reflection
Meghan Greene (Florida State University); Carolyn Barringer (Florida State University)

Centralization/Decentralization: The Impact on Quality and Standards
Thomas Bogenschild (Vanderbilt University); Terence Miller (Marquette University); Elisabeth Morgan (Eastern Michigan University)

Designing Intercultural Learning Assignments Can be Easy: An Experiential Session using an AAC&U VALUE Rubric
Charles Calahan (Purdue University); Steven Duke (Wake Forest University); Margaret Sass (Purdue University)

Developing Scholarships to Create Access for Underrepresented Students in Education Abroad
Lindsay Calvert (Institute for International Education); Deidre Ellis (Diversity Abroad); Hanni Geist (German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)); Monya Lemery (University of Texas at Austin)

Drag Race: Performing Identity in Education Abroad
Bradley Titus (University of Minnesota); Martha Johnson (University of Minnesota); Anders Larsen (DIS-Danish Institute for Study Abroad); Mark Lenhart (CET Academic Programs)

Engaging Unusual Suspects in Organizational Change for Education Abroad
Amy Conger (University of Michigan); Lorraine D. Currie (University of Michigan); Donica Thomas Varner (University of Michigan); Sandra K. Wiley (University of Michigan)

Faculty-Led Education Abroad: The Risks That Accompany the Rewards (and How to Address Those Risks)
Joe Storch (SUNY); Natalie A. Mello (The Forum on Education Abroad); Jill L. Creighton (New York University)

Flip, Bend and Scramble: Technology and Pedagogy in Study Abroad Learning Spaces
Helle Rytkonen (DIS-Danish Institute for Study Abroad); Brian L. Heuser (Vanderbilt University); Charles Haberle (Providence College)

The Forum’s Critical Incident Database
Natalie A. Mello (The Forum on Education Abroad)

The Forum’s Professional Certification Program
Natalie A. Mello (The Forum on Education Abroad)

How Far Do You Go to Make it Work: Bringing the Disability Debate to the Table
Michele Scheib (Mobility International USA); Christie Johnson (Academic Programs International (API)); Kat Davis (CET Academic Programs); Margaret Anderson (Augsburg College)

Innovative Partnerships: The Inspired Global Campus
Jaci Czarnecki Thompson (New York University); Janice Abarbanel (NYU Berlin); Linn Friedrichs (NYU Berlin); Jill Creighton (New York University)
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Integrating Global Programs and Student Affairs: The New Challenge for Higher Education
Erich Dietrich (New York University); Monroe France (New York University); June Nobbe (University of Minnesota)

International Education and Ethical Community Partnerships: Considering Fair Trade Learning
John Tansey (Dartmouth College); Eric Hartman (Kansas State University); Lisa Kuhn (Foundation for Sustainable Development); Anthony C. Ogden (University of Kentucky)

It Takes a Campus (and More) to Implement Successful Faculty-Led Programs
Beth Wee (Tulane University); Pete Alongia (Tulane University); Charlotte Dalsgaard (DIS-Danish Institute for Study Abroad)

Leading with Emotional & Cultural Intelligence: Exploring the Faces of International Education Leadership through Applied Case Study
Paige E. Butler (Middlebury Institute of International Studies); Nobi Hayashi (DePaul University); Kathleen Ellwood (Anglo Educational Services)

Making a “Difference:” Preparing Us to Prepare Our Students for Matters of Diversity Abroad
Gretchen Cook-Anderson (IES Abroad); Monya Lemery (University of Texas at Austin); Janna Behrens (Amherst College)
Handout 1

Making the Case Amidst Competing Priorities: International Education in an Institutional Context
Susan Popko (Santa Clara University); Hannah Stewart-Gambino (Lafayette College); Margaret Plympton (Witt/Kieffer); Patricia Scroggs (Howard University)

Making the Case for Experiential Education: Faculty Skepticism and Learning Outcomes
Priscilla Stone (SIT Study Abroad); Kara Bingham (Colgate University); Sheila Collins (University of Minnesota); Debra Terzian (Boston University)

Managing the Messaging: Consolidating Communications in a Real or Perceived International Crisis
Julie Anne Friend (Northwestern University); Stacey Tsantir (University of Minnesota); William P. Hoye (IES Abroad)

Maximizing Education Abroad Opportunities for Community College and Transfer Students Through Cross-Institutional Collaboration
Jennifer Hamlow (Portland State University); Anne Haberkern (Portland Community College); Anne Frey (IFSA Butler)

Mental Health Challenges on Study Abroad: It Takes a Team and More
Alea Cot (University of New Orleans); Laura Paris (University of Georgia); Catherine Wagner (C & H Educational Systems); Thomas Lord (T.W. Lord Associates); Irene Ziegler (University of New Orleans)

Minnesota Health & Safety Incident Legislation: Implementation and Implications
Stacey Tsantir (University of Minnesota System); Ann Hubbard (AIFS)

New Challenges for Directors Abroad
Sylvie Davidson (Dickinson College); Sylvie Toux (Dickinson en France)
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Additional materials 2

Onsite Director Models: Who Is Leading Students Abroad & Why It Matters
Monique Fecteau (Wellesley-in-Aix); Kathleen Sideli (Indiana University); Andrea Ricci (Indiana University); Brian Brubaker (IES Abroad)

Out of the Box: Untapped Resources for Faculty-Led Program Enhancement
Jim Perry (ACCENT Study Abroad); Jeremy Ross (East Tennessee State University); Jennifer Rumler (Michigan State University)

Pathways to Leadership: Women’s Leadership in International Education
Kim McGrath (Webster University); Kris Holloway (Center for International Studies (CIS)); Natalie A. Mello (The Forum on Education Abroad)
Handout 2

The Research, Development and Implementation of a Pre-International Experience Course for Study and Intern Abroad Participants
Adam Henry (Arizona State University); Bruce LaBrack (University of the Pacific); Steven Duke (Wake Forest University); Catarina Krizancic (University of Virginia)
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Handout 2

Sneaky Re-Entry Programming Students Will Actually Attend
Sarah Robinson (Butler University); Jennifer McConnell

Sounds Cool! But…How do you Know
Bill Bull (CIEE); Julie Anne Friend (Northwestern University); Adam Rubin (CIEE)

Strengths-Based Coaching: Working with Challenging Faculty Program Directors
Scott Manning (Susquehanna University); Michelle Durán-Ruiz (Spanish Studies Abroad); Andy Dunlap (Elizabethtown College)

Training the Trainer: Campus SaVE, Bystander Intervention and Study Abroad
Melissa Chambers (Arcadia University The College of Global Studies); Jamie Snow (New York University); Amy Cleckler (Duke University )

Who “Owns” Faculty-Led Courses? A Conversation about the Benefits and Liabilities of Centralizing Faculty-Led Programs
Catherine Spaeth (Seminars International, Inc.); Tave Reser (Seminars International, Inc.); William Swart (Augustana College); Aga Michalak (University of St. Thomas)
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