What Does it Mean to be a “Traditional” Destination? Challenges and Opportunities for Education Abroad in Europe
2nd European Conference
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain
October 23-25, 2014


Opening Plenary:

“Culture, the Arts and International Education,” featuring Josep (Pepe) Serra i Villalba, the Director of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC)


Session Materials:

Academic Advising Onsite: From Pre-Arrival to Departure, A Continuous Process
Jane Ewart (IES Abroad Barcelona), Christopher Kennett (La Salle Universitat Ramon Llull), Salvador Ortiz (IES Abroad Barcelona)

Adding a Non-European Excursion to a European Study Abroad Program
Frank Mikus (St. John’s University), Bernard Zirnheld (St. John’s University)

Addressing Questions for STEM Students and their Curriculum Going Abroad in Europe
Eero Jesurun (CIEE), Anette Birck (DIS – Danish Institute for Study Abroad), Michaela Gottschling (DAAD, German Academic Exchange Service)

Are Two Locations “Better” Than One?
Christine Anderson (Learning Abroad Center, University of Minnesota), Jim Perry (ACCENT Study Abroad)

The Challenges of Creating a Successful Short-Term Study Program
Kimberly Strozewski (CET Academic Programs), Emiliana F. Caldarelli (CET Academic Programs)

Coloring Outside the Lines: Next Generation International Program Design
Lucía Conte (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), John Lucas (SIT), Cesar Alegre (IES Abroad)

Complicating Study Abroad in Post-Colonial Europe: A Case Study of Gender and Sexuality Studies
Laurie Black (SIT), Yvette Kopijn (SIT Study Abroad), Jack Zerbe (Guilford College)

Demythifying Experiential Learning: A Closer Look at the Curriculum In and Out of the Classroom
Ana Martínez (CEA Barcelona), Lucía Conte (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

The Development of a Multilingual Writing Center at Home and Abroad
Lucile Duperron (Dickinson en France and Dickinson College), Lisa Wolff (Dickinson College)

The Economic Impact of U.S. Study Abroad Students in Spain: Using Financial Data in Advocacy Actions to Remove Barriers
Cristina Grasset (Spain Education Programs (SEP)), Kim Griffin (Spain Education Programs (SEP)), Monica Perez-Bedmar (Association of American Programs in Spain (APUNE))
Draft of Study

The Elephant in the Room: Examining Motivations to Study Abroad in Europe, Realities of Experiences beyond the Classroom, and Creating Strategies to Utilize These toward Didactic Programming
Michelle Tolan (Institute For Study Abroad, Butler University), Danielle Scugoza (University of Pennsylvania), Núria Rodríguez Bernal (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

Enstrangement and “Non-Traditional” Creative Education in Europe – Looking at Study Abroad from Both Ends
Timothy Emlyn Jones (Burren College of Art), Petra Visscher (Longwood University)

Expanding the Traditional Study Abroad Destination and Experience through Travel within an Academic Context
Ian Samuel Terkildsen (Danish Institute for Study Abroad), Scott Carpenter (Carleton College)

Experiencing European Diversity: Developing Cross-cultural Competence through European Study Programs
Ana Carballal Broome (Universidad Nebrija), William Orr (Universidad Nebrija), Marcus Laumann (University of Applied Sciences in Muenster)

Exploring Responsible and Effective Integration
Erika Ryser García (Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University), Santiago Alias (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Melissa Hardin (Ursinus College), Ryan Lorenz (Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University)

Fifty Years of Curriculum Development, Program Change & Economic Impact in Italy
Portia Prebys (Saint Mary’s College Rome Program), Pia K. Schneider (Iowa State University College of Design Rome Program), Robert Shackelford (Harding University), Gian Franco Borio (Association of American College and University Programs in Italy), Mary Merva (John Cabot University)
AACUPI IRPET Essentials Handout

The Forthcoming New Edition of the Forum Standards of Good Practice: An Open Dialogue on the Final Draft
Mark Lenhart (CET Academic Travel)

An Innovative Study Abroad Program for Nursing Majors in Spain: A Model for Study Abroad
Stacey Shimizu (Illinois Wesleyan University), Rich Kurtzman (Barcelona Study Abroad Experience), Victoria Folse (Illinois Wesleyan University School of Nursing)

Intercultural Learning in Multicultural Europe
Milton J. Bennett (Intercultural Development Research Institute), Ida Castiglioni (University of Milano Bicocca, Intercultural Development Research Institute)

Learning Together in Contemporary Cosmopolitan Europe
Hannah Taieb (CIEE), Rosie R. McDowell (University of Notre Dame)

Managing Risk Intelligently – Is Safety a Campus-wide Responsibility?
Kathy Hargis (Lipscomb University), Jean Demchak (Marsh)

A New Paradigm for Traditional Encounters: The Radicant
Benjamin Lorch (CIEE Berlin), Oscar Ceballos (CIEE Seville), Janice Abarbanel (NYU Berlin)

Professional Certification in Education Abroad
Natalie Mello (The Forum on Education Abroad)

Reimagining the Familiar: Managing Student Expectations of “Familiar” Identities & Languages
Ray Casserly (CIEE), Kari Beall (Michigan State University), Marissa Lombardi (Northeastern University), Ken Yanes (Princeton University)

Secession & Study Abroad: Does it Matter? Catalan & Scottish Nationalism in Center Programming
Peter Leuner (Arcadia University, The College of Global Studies), Hamish Thompson (Arcadia University, The College of Global Studies), Jaume Gelabert (Arcadia University, The College of Global Studies), Laura Cervi (Autonomous University of Barcelona), Eberhard Bort (Institute of Governance, University of Edinburgh)

Site Visits: A Partner Perspective on Good Collaboration
J. Scott Van Der Meid (Brandeis University), Eero Jesurun (CIEE), Martha Johnson (University of Minnesota), Janelle Murphy (CET Academic Programs)

Sleeping with the Enemy: Do Education Abroad and Tourism Mix?
Kristin Thomas (Pennsylvania State University), Deborah Kerstetter (Pennsylvania State University)

Steering Institutional Change Toward Greater International Exchange with the U.S., While Consolidating the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) Reform
Maria Luisa Sierra (Universidad San Jorge), Cristina Grasset (Spain Education Programs (SEP)), Alvaro Escribano (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
Additional Handout

Stimulating Intergenerationality: Millennials in Europe
Lisa Fleury (Vassar Wesleyan Program in Paris), Laura Raynaud (Dickinson en France)

Study Abroad Makeover: From “traditional” and toward “exotic”
Steve Bell (Old Dominion University), Beth Parker (Old Dominion University), Ryan Lorenz (Academic Solutions), Truett Cates (Austin College)

Study in Paradise: Fighting the Oxymoron?
Michelle Durán Ruiz (Spanish Studies Abroad), José Álvarez (CEA Study Abroad), Isabel Valverde (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Traditional Program Leaders or Traditional Destinations: The Program Leaders Make the Difference
Ignacio Messana (Florida State University/Association of American Programs in Spain (APUNE)), Jeffrey Overby (Belmont University), Javier Orozco (Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV))

Understanding Europe: Why the “Traditional” Matters
Michael Woolf (CAPA International Education.), Scott G. Blair (Transnational Learning Consulting)

Victims of Our Own Success? – “Global” Europe
Amanda Kelso (Duke University), William Donahue (Duke University), Richard Rosa (Duke University), Marcos Canteli (Duke University in Madrid)

When Tragedy Strikes: From a Parent’s Perspective
Charles Schewe (Sara’s Wish Foundation), Anne Schewe (Sara’s Wish Foundation), Rochelle Sobel (Association for Safe International Road Travel)

A World Café on “Is Europe Passé?”
J. Kline Harrison (Wake Forest University), Jessica Francis (Wake Forest University), Javier Garcia Garrido (Wake Forest University), TBD (University of Salamanca)
Is Europe Passé?