2014 Conference Archive

10th Annual Conference
New and Emerging Paradigms for Education Abroad
San Diego, CA
April 2-4, 2014


Opening Plenary:

“Embracing the New Globalism: A Challenge to Rethink Education Abroad,” featuring Dr. William G. Durden
Read a copy of Durden’s plenary speech
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Session Materials:

Alumni Engagement: Untapped Resources In Support of Study Abroad
Kimberly Burton (University of California, San Diego); Tracie Davee (University of California, San Diego); Elizabeth Perl (University of California Education Abroad Program); Susan Popko (Santa Clara University); Steve Seaworth (IFSA Butler)

Beyond the Approved List: Partnering with International Education Associations
Lisa Chieffo (University of Delaware); Annagene Yucas (CAPA International Education); Melissa Hardin (Ursinus College)

The Bubble of Private Space: Living with Local Roommates
Mark Lenhart (CET Academic Programs); Carolyn Sorkin (Wesleyan University); Nehad Heliel (CV Starr Middlebury School in Egypt, Alexandria); Gabriel Hanqing Peng (Minzu University of China and University of California, San Diego)
Gabriel Hanqing Peng’s Presentation

Career Integration: Reframing the Career Component of Learning Abroad
Antonia Lortis (University of Minnesota); Cynthia Banks (GlobaLinks Learning Abroad); Becky Hall (University of Minnesota); Martha Johnson (University of Minnesota)

Career-Smart: Professional Development through Experiential Education Abroad for STEM Students
Katja Kurz (Cultural Vistas); Cheryl Matherly (University of Tulsa); Julius E. Coles (Morehouse College); Peter R. Kerrigan (German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD))

Co-Curricular Experiences Abroad: Building Successful Program Models and Institutional Infrastructure
Amy Conger (University of Michigan); Jessica Loh (University of Michigan); Steven Skerlos (University of Michigan); Sita Syal (University of Michigan); Joseph Trumpey (University of Michigan)

Completing the Cycle: Building Peer Advising Programs to Deepen the Study Abroad Experience from Pre-Departure through Re-Entry and Beyond
Nicole Sheldon-Desjardins (Claremont McKenna College); Sara Ede (Columbia University); Staci Hagan (University of California, Davis)
Handout 1
Handout 2

Connecting the Dots: Enhancing Students’ International Internship Experience & Employability
Shawna Hurley (IIE, Gilman Scholarship Program); Philip D. Gardner (Michigan State University); Richard Russo (University of California, Berkeley)

The Critical Incident Database: What is it Telling Us?
Natalie A. Mello (The Forum on Education Abroad)

Cross-Cultural Training for Faculty: A Model for Faculty Preparation
Steven Duke (Wake Forest University); Michael Vande Berg (MVB Associates); Penelope Pynes (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)
Presentation 2
Presentation 3

Culture in the Lab: A Model for Undergraduate STEM Research Abroad which Integrates Intercultural Competence
Jim Galvin (University of California, San Diego); Bruce La Brack (University of the Pacific); Jason Haga (University of California, San Diego)
Additional materials

The Digital Dialogue: The Ups and Downs of Technology in Study Abroad
Tessly A. Dieguez (University of Florida); Kyle Rausch (Arizona State University); Angela D’Antonio (Wesley College); Victor Greto (Wesley College); Jack Barnhardt (Wesley College)

Education Abroad and U.S. Foreign Policy Goals
Bahareh Moradi (U.S. Department of State); Brian Whalen (The Forum on Education Abroad); Rita Moriconi (EducationUSA)
Brian Whalen presentation

Education Abroad as Commodity: Where Are We Now?
Giselda Beaudin (Rollins College); Amanda Lord (The Education Abroad Network); Katie DeGuzman (University of Central Florida)

Education Abroad Data on Women and Leadership: Empowering Women and Men to Change the Numbers in the Field
Sarah E. Spencer (University of St. Thomas); Lisa Donatelli (Georgetown University); Sarah Groskreutz (University of Minnesota)
Gender Bias and Salaries in Education Abroad
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Ethical Financing of Community Engagement Abroad
Patrick Mulvihill (Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs (HECUA)); Leslie Granese (The School for Field Studies)

The Evolving Role of the Senior International Officer
James Paul Holloway (University of Michigan); Joanna Regulska (Rutgers University); Meredith McQuaid (University of Minnesota); Downing Thomas (University of Iowa)

A Faculty-Led Consortium Model… A Not-So-New-Yet-Emerging Paradigm in Education Abroad
Catherine Spaeth (St. Catherine University); Tave Reser (Seminars International, Inc.); Wally Lagerwey (Elmhurst College)
Handout 2
Handout 3

Finding Meaning and Fulfillment in Restructuring the Education Abroad Office
Jennifer Ellis Fritz (Bucknell University); Jeff Whitehead (University of Pittsburgh); Anne-Marie Bruner-Tracey (University of East Anglia); Adriane van Gils-Pierce (Clark University)

The Forum’s Standards Committee: Works in Practice and Progress
Andrea Custodi (Alliance for Global Education); Mark Lenhart (CET Academic Programs)

Global Education in Learning Communities: Comparative Assessment of Transformative Learning Among U.S. and International Students
Lee Sternberger (James Madison University); Dawn T. Pysarchik (Michigan State University); Steven Grande (Mary Baldwin College); Felix Wang (James Madison University); Craig Shealy (International Beliefs and Values Institute/James Madison University)

Home and Host Institutions: What Can We Learn from Each Other?
Marissa Lombardi (Lorenzo de’ Medici International Institute and Northeastern University); Sabina Post (Elizabethtown College)
Handout 1
Handout 2

How International is Your Institution? Assessing a University’s International Dimension
Cristina Grasset (Spain Education Programs); R. Michael Paige (University of Minnesota); Gerald W. Fry (University of Minnesota)
Paige & Fry Presentation
Internationalization Indicators / EHEA
Internationalization Indicators / USA

How Study Abroad Changed My Life: Student Development Pathways
Regina McGoff (Augsburg College); Ann Lutterman-Aguilar (Augsburg College); Helena Kaufman (Carleton College)
Lutterman-Aguilar Presentation
Flipcharts doc
Discussion Responses

Impact of Student Motivation to Study Abroad on Development of a Global Perspective
Ann Hubbard (American Institute For Foreign Study (AIFS)); Philip Anderson (University of St. Thomas); Leigh Lawton (University of St. Thomas)

Institutional Student Exchange: A Fresh Look at an Old Concept
James Buschman (New York University); Kim Kreutzer (University of Colorado, Boulder); Kristine Clay (Syracuse University); Kati Csoman (Juniata College); Sinéad Ryan (Trinity College)
Presentation 2
Presentation 3
Presentation 4

Internships Abroad: International Programs and Perspectives
Erin Baldwin (Australian Trade Commission); Maj Fischer (University of Wisconsin, Madison); Shelia Houston (GlobaLinks Learning Abroad); Peter Kerrigan (German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD))
Presentation 2
Presentation 3

LGBTQ Program Study: Helping Students Explore their Identity and Heritage through Short-Term Programs
Scott Tayloe (CISabroad – Center for International Studies); Virginia Hosono (University of Louisville); Brian Buford (University of Louisville)

Linking Religious Practice and the Study Abroad Experience: Bridging Culture and Understanding
Scott Van Der Meid (Brandeis University); Janet F. Alperstein (New York University); Michael Smallis (SIT Study Abroad)

Professional Certification in Education Abroad
Elizabeth Frohlich (The Forum on Education Abroad); Natalie A. Mello (The Forum on Education Abroad)

Promoting Oral Proficiency Gains in Education Abroad through a Programmatic Intervention
Francesca Di Silvio (Center for Applied Linguistics); Michael Vande Berg (MVB Associates)

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Reentry: Assessing Student Learning from Pre-Departure through Re-Entryy
Laura Paris (University of Georgia); Rachel Kamagne-Jones (Macalester College)

Revisiting “Beyond It was Great”: Provocative Issues Inspired by the 2013 Forum Conference
David Wong (Michigan State University); Lilli Engle (American University Center of Provence); Mick Vande Berg (MVB Associates); Bruce La Brack (University of the Pacific)

The Role of Mindfulness Training in Intercultural Education
Robert Pryor (Antioch Education Abroad); Mattie Clark (CIMBA/CUIS-Italy Programs); Denise Cope (University of Denver); Jamie Robinson (CEA Study Abroad)
Handout 1
Handout 2

Strengths Based Approaches to Supporting Cross Cultural Education for Students with Mental Health Diagnoses
Andy Dunlap (Elizabethtown College); Scott Manning (Susquehanna University)
Handout 1
Handout 2

Updates from the Forum’s Outcomes Assessment and Research Committee
Nick Gozik (Boston College); Michelle Gere (Yale University); Janna Behrens (Amherst College); Victor Savicki (Western Oregon University)

What is the State of the Field?
Margaret Wiedenhoeft (Kalamazoo College), The Forum Data Committee